Tribal Queen

African Queen

And back to a blog for the Fantasy Faire … this time the incredible skin “[NM] – Mortal – Enchant – Female – ” for almost all the mesh bodies and heads you can think of (I’m using it on my Laq Neve head and my belleza mesh body) They all have a seperate applier so easy to use. Be sure to check out also the other creations from  [NEPHILIM] at the Faire and at their main store …

The picture is taken at the very beautiful “Devin” place in Second Life. The outfit is from an old gacha by “Alchemy.” called The shaman.

Hope you enjoyed the little african expedition … see you next time

Kisses Ivy


Lara and the shield of destiny

Lara and the shield of destiny

Featering the newest backdrop from the #Cranked# movie studios… The “#Cranked# Backdrop of the Temple” is easy to set up and looks even more amazing… You can find this in the main  store.

Also used in this movieshot is “=Kio= Aztec Shield – Gold”, the “Blueberry – Ela – Shorts – Cutiebootie – Maitreya”, the “=Zenith=Wood Elf Ranger Leather Gloves (Black)-Maitreya”, the “!gO! Tank Top”, the “.: ROHINI :. 1NNOVAT1ON Boots BOX” and the “!!!”””::: Brutal Weapons :::””” [ Desert Eagles ] (ver 1.1)”

I always loved the Tomb Raider games and merchandise so this is an ode to Lara Croft ❤

Kisses and till next blog


Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Another amazing creation from “Jinx” is this “Jinx : Tiger add-on mod for the light horses” You need a “water horse” to make the add-on work. It comes with a hud to change the texture of the tiger and the eyes. You can find this add-on at the Fantasy Faire 2018… Be sure to also check the bear add-on (that one is so good also)

Also from the Fantasy Faire is this amazing skin “SN Skin – Reverie F Beryl” from Sinful Needs You can find a lot of amazing colours of this skin and they all work with the omega applier. Go seek them out at the Faire and enjoy the other creations …

As outfit I used a gacha item from “Alchemy” … I used the “Winter Queen” Cloak & Shoulders – Forest, Head Piece – Forest and Top & Bottom – Forest. The staff is by [The Plastik] called the “The Boaz Staff & Scepter”

Main stores:

And as last the song that inspired me for this blog

Kisses Ivy

In the west

In the west

One of the best things for me in Second Life is my horse from “~*Water Horse*~ Avatars” and when walking around the Fantasy Faire I came across the stall from “Jinx” one of the stores that makes amazing creations for the horses as add-ons (so you can change your horse into a tiger, bear or rhino) and this time I found a wagon made by them. I so love westerns so for me that was a big invitation to do another western styled blog lol.

You need a water horse to make it work … but trust me even thou they are rather expensive they are a wonderful sell. This “Jinx & Mythril : Conestoga Western Wagon for the WHRH” can be used on the Belgian and the Clydesdale horses and has a lot of extras. Be sure to also check out the other items at the Jinx stall on the Fantasy faire … or at their main store.

Main store:

Yihaa … time to ride 😉

Kisses Ivy


Please Tame Me …

Please Tame Me ... 2

Perfection … Dark pleasurable perfection … That is what came in mind when I tried the newest skin of [The plastik]. The “:[P]:- Vyrian Skin (Femme):// Marella” is one of the many colour options of this remarkable skin for woman and man. They come with all the appliers you need and some amazing eyes, nails and ears to make your avi complete. And if that wasn’t enough the same brand made some wonderful horns for the Fantasy Faire also.  The “Cepheus Horns” come with an impressive hud where you can change every part of the horns. Simply beautiful right … This is by far one of my most loved skins. The stall from [The Plastik] is here…

I combined the skin and horns with the “#1~Nerido~ Shaiya – Rare LootBox” and “#3~Nerido~ Shaiya String (Maitreya)-Black”. The wings are also by [The plastik] from their amazing dragoness gacha … available at the main store 😉

The 2018 Fantasy faire is now open till the 29th so be sure to give it a visit … enjoy the amazing settings buy some of the exclusive items that the creators made for the good cause … and most of all “Live” your fantasy!

Kisses Ivy

As birds in the sky …

As birds in the sky ...

It’s finaly here … I am one of the few lucky ones with an early acces to the one and only Fantasy Faire 2018 and believe me it looks magical … So many creators brought the best of them to make this tenth edition again one to admire … It opens for the grand public tomorrow and it are is highlight for every fantasy loving person in second life so don’t miss out … Only ten days and when there be sure to check out the amazing items they sell for charity … (see my blog yesterday for more info about that)

Today I made my blog around three amazing items from “Bad Katz” the “Mossy Tortoise”, the “Sleeping Nymph 2-RFL” and the “Forest Keeper with Bird” They look incredibly good and are full perm …

Check out the other amazing creations at their MP store or at the inworld store:

Wearing today are the “!EE Fit Widowmaker Outfit RARE Maitreya Lara Lootbox”, .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Headband :: CAMELIA :: Black, Truth hair “AveryElena”, [MANDALA]STEKING EARS Season 5 (wear me to unpack)* and “Material Squirrel – Jinx Wings 4.2.1”

Official website for the faire:

Till tomorrow for more fantasy madness!!!





Another day closer to the fantasy faire … and today we discover another side of it 🙂 The science fiction part. Fantasy Faire has always fought and battled cancer, both in spirit and in donations. All of the money we collect goes to American Cancer Society through Relay For Life of Second Life. This is the first year that ACS allows earmarking donated funds to go to a special project, and Fantasy Faire is going to do exactly that. All the money raised during Fantasy Faire 2018 will go toward the first Hope Lodge in Nairobi, Kenya.

For more info see:

One of the exclusive creations they sell for RFL is this amazing “Magic” Robot avatar from “Rainy Fey Creations” The robot is copy and modify and for only 177 Linden he’s yours or better you are the robot 😉 Be sure to check also the other amazing creations out from this brand!

Main store:

The hoverbike is [Con.] Radius Hover Bike – Blue from their gacha.

My robo brothers:

  • iCon Mesh – NPC / Pet Follower “BB-8”
  • anxiety %vault E-B29 RARE
  • RO – Junkyard Dogs – Zero

Kisses and till next trip into Fantasy land …



Even in the darkest moments … light prevails

Even in darkest moment... light prevails

Counting down the days until this years Fantasy Fair starts and till then I’ll blog some of the amazing creations you will be able to get there … Every year that fair is the 10 day walhala for fantasy loving people in second life. Dwarfs, faeries, dragons and other magical creatures will wander the amazing worlds that we can visit from April 19th till April 29th. And it’s also the tenth birthday of the fantasy fair!!!

Today I show off an amazing skin from ~Jeanette’s Joint~ called “Reptilian skin” available in 4 different colours (albino, basilisk, dragon and iguana) comes with an easy omega applier (so you can use it on every head or body that works with the omega appliers) …

As told the fair opens the 19th … and to find more info see the FF website below :

Together with the new truth VIP hair “Bewkie” this makes an amazing look rest of outfit is the “Nerido – Limbo” gacha Lootbox (1 and 2) and from the “Plastik – dragoness gacha” Filigree tail RARE, ankle cuffs, Horn Crown RARE, Wings RARE and Sparkles

Backdrop is by /anxiety/ called “confessional skybox”

So back to counting down …

Kisses Ivy

It’s human nature

It's human nature

New from the LsR Moda is the [ LsR Hair ] imprint that created  the “Valeria Hair Mesh”  with  resizer (when clicking the hair) with a nice  hud (36 Hairs Colors )

A while ago I had a blog about the Gissela outfit and since then they made a second version of the wonderful jumpsuit.

So here we have the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Gissela JumpSuit Print★★ containing  Jumpsuit , Platform Heels and SunGlasses for  Slink, HourGlass, Physique and  Maitreya with a Hud (20 Textures) and  heels only for Maitreya and Slink feet also with a 20 Textures hud.

Store in World:

also wearing the amazing “Atharia” skin by [The Plastik] you have at the store a lot of choices from white to darker skins! A real must have for fantasy lovers ❤ See link below for the limo to the store …

Till next time all,

Kisses Ivy

Welcome to the dark side

Welcome to the dark side

Wearing the new “Fet bodysuit” from Facepalm coming with a 12 part texture hud for the maitreya, belleza, Tonic and slink mesh bodies. This is a release for the dark side 3 event starting april 15th.

rest of outfit are -KC- couture “HELLION – DEMON TAIL BOOTS”, erratic / scarlett – cuffs black (maitreya), (r)M~Posture Collar ~ No.07, TRUTH VIP March – Bewkie (hair) and [White~Widow] SnakeEyes (Tattoo)

Used new item as decoration is the backdrop “Dark side” from Facepalm also for the same Dark Side 3 event.

Pose is by the amazing samposes brand called “Chill” This male pose is an exclusive for the april round of the darkness monthly event.

Time to enjoy the weekend … have fun all and be safe!

Kisses Ivy