The Goth School

This amazing new friends bento pose is called “Good Friends” by PosEd poses. This is a rezzable pad and once both are on it you can edit it with the hud. The items are included in the package. This pose can be found on the Market place here:

The backdrop today is from “TROPIX” called “School Interior BackDrop 02” and can be found at their main store.

Thank you bestie for enlisting school with me again laughs… Love you


“Love is not a feeling of happiness. Love is a willingness to sacrifice…”

The Fantasy Fair is already a few weeks behind us and some of the creations made for that event are now in the main stores available. One of them is this gorgeous dress “Arvylinde” bij [Petrichor] in collab with ERSCH. This dress can be worn on Lara, Lara petite, Legacy, Kupra, Perky, Reborn, and Mounds mesh bodies. It contains a top, a panty, and a skirt all adjustable with the texture huds. Find your favorite dress here:

I combined the top-quality dress with even more top-quality items and those are the amazing /Vae Victis\ “Pandora” Blood-letting Dagger which has two huds included. One recolor hud with 14 textures and one animation hud. This item can be found at the very impressive main store (Be sure to walk around there and see all the magical spots) together with the gorgeous “Perchten” Curled Horns. These also have a nice texture hud included.

Main store:

The backdrop today is by “Spires Society” and called “Memento Mori”

Demonic hugs,


“Happiness is…. a tropical island.”

The summer is finally here and the last days we can enjoy the sun and warmth it brings. So nothing better than slipping into a bikini and enjoying life ♥ This time I went for the “Hannah” bikini from MOoH! which can be worn on the Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass, Erika, Reborn, Belleza Freya, and Kupra bodies. This bikini has a texture hud with 10 solid colors, 10 patterns, and 6 metal textures. The place to be for this amazing creation is the MOoH! Main store here:

The gorgeous backdrop is called “Paradise backdrop. Green” and is from the K&S brand. and the pose is the first from the Exuma Escapes Vol 2 pack from [Focus Poses]. Both items can be found at their stores or on the Marketplace.

Time to enjoy some more,

Kisses Ivy

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

Another amazing picture together with my bestie. This time we went light versus dark with some incredible items. The beautiful skybox behind us is from VARONIS called “Sombre” and brings that really amazing goth feeling with the big window.

I went to the light with my outfit this time and here is a summary of what I’m wearing. The outfit is from CURELESS[+] and was from a Gacha named “Pygmalion’s Bride” (Goddess Touch Halo Beige, Feet Wraps Silver, Galatea Glove, Galatea Legs, and Goddess Sundress Beige). I combined the outfit with the MOoH! Marilyn Neckpiece, The [Petrichor] Maliana Littlegem Bindi, The Magika Hair “Alvilde”, and the {SolEtLu} – Magister Aura.

Last but not least I also want to thank my newest sponsor /Vae Victis\ for their trust in me as a new blogger for their brand. So from that amazing store today I use the “Gruesome Relic” – Soul Reliquary. This floating relic comes with a texture hud for the metal, the globe, and the skull and with a bento animation. This cross can be found at the main store. Also from the same store is the book that my partner in crime holds today. You can read everything about the book and her clothing on her blog here:

Pathways to the stores:

/Vae Victis\ :






Until next time,

Kisses Ivy

“Death and sex are the dominant reality of our day”

Time to blog about an amazing pose pack again. This chair with 4 included poses is by PosEd and is called “Seductive Feelings”. It can be found on the marketplace here:

The pose can be adjusted with the hud and in the pack there are the props included needed for it (glasses and cigarettes). The backdrop today was from K&S named “Last Fantasy” and my outfit is from Ricielli (the Rhea boots and Heather lingerie)

Take care and till the next blog,


“Love is like swimming, you must either dive into it with your head down or do not go into the water at all…”

We’re already missing the Fantasy Fair so what better way to relive it than by blogging more fantasy pictures. Today we went back under the sea with [FFS] newest release the “MAGIC CLAM” This outfit can be found at the “Conchella Festival” till May 25th, 2023

Event location here: 

The Costume is inspired by the beautiful clams that create pearls, at the bottom of the sea, and can be combined with mermaid outfits. In the box, you have the body applier (BOM unisex), bubbles, a HUD for the accessories applier, staff back clam, pasties, (2) crowns pelvis cover (m&f), and the necklace. Also used in this picture are the “Meritus” Crown and Bindi from [Petrichor] and [Ersch], and the Sereia bracelets from “RealEvil”. The cute sea horses are from Jinx…

Hereby I want also to thank the creator from Forest Fantasy Store for including me in the blogger’s group which is a dream coming true.


Till next time everyone,


“As the ocean has no end, so does my love for you…”

It is that time again… After all those fantasy-filled days full of amazing pictures it is time to say goodbye to the Fantasy Fair 2023. With sadness in my heart, I write this last blog for this year’s event. I want to thank all the amazing creators for the gorgeous sims and items they created this year. Some will always be in my memories… Also, I want to thank them for the amazing things I could blog about, without these items our photos wouldn’t be as beautiful as they were now. Fantasy is endless just like the sea and so is my love for it… I grew up with it and will always enjoy it. I want also to thank my bestie, my support in all, and my endless love and appreciation. I love you, sweetheart. The Fantasy Fair 2023 may be vanishing in the mists but it won’t be forgotten and we can start the countdown to the Fantasy Fair 2024. And I’m sure I’ll be there again ♥

Hugs Ivy

“My demons love your demons like crazy…”

Today we blog about the AMBIX “Geode Set” Horns, Tail, and Wings. They Come in static and Animesh! This set that I am wearing (I’m on the left! ) Is an RFL product so every linden goes to a good cause. They are very beautiful and detailed! With stones and swirls. The tail and wings with a built-in AO, it has 30+ animations combined between Static & Dynamic poses. Additionally, there are two sizes, Thick & Thin. So hurry up and run to the store at the Dingir sim on the Fair.


Main store:

The amazing Purple skin I wear today is from ~Jeanette’s Joint~ and is called “Weaving Warrior” and is a Fantasy Fair exclusive skin made as a gift for the Quest (female and male both included in the pack). Every year you have an amazing quest at all the Fairlands following a nice story and contains a hunting part and a puzzle part. The hud to start is 250 Linden which goes to the RFL. So a lot of fun for a good cause… who can say no to that.

~Jeanette’s Joint~ at the Fantasy Fair:

Main store here:

My bodysuit is also from the Fair, you can find this incredibly beautiful “Inanne outfit” by [Petrichor] for the Maitreya, Reborn, Legacy, Mound, and Kupra mesh bodies. It includes 3 huds with a lot of texture options to change every part of the outfit.

You can find their booth at the Fungalmire sim on the Fantasy Fair here:

To find out what my partner in crime wears see her blog here:

Thank you bestie for being at my side always and forever ♥

Till next blog,

hugs Ivy