Do you like it …

Do you like it ...

Wearing the new [ LsR ] – Sexy Lili Dress witch is an exclusive for the Whore Couture Event

The March Round Opened the  15th so be sure to hurry up and go check it out …

The ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Lili Dress✩✩ is 100% Original Mesh and Includes: [✔]Mesh Option : Dress [✔]Controler Hud with 30 Satin and 30 Knit Textures [✔]Sizes for Suit : Maitreya Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Slink [ HourGlass ] [✔]There are single items available Two Dress ‘ONE COLOR’ [✔]or you can buy the full Options in the FatPack.

The amazing backdrop in the background is from the Joplino main store and called “Tease Me”

Big kisses Ivy

Behold … a magical performance…

Behold ... a magical performance

Ladies and Gentlemen … come and let you be taken on a voyage through magic and enchantement at our circus … Clowns and acrobats… Lions and riding monkeys …And also we have in the ring the new HORNTAIL “Rika” Outfit brought to you in 8 different textures for the maitreya mesh body. This marvelous outfit is here for you at the Harajuku Event…


also entertaining you this show are the Le Petit Cirque – 5 – Elephant talentueux and Le Petit Cirque – 3 – Unicycle both from a gacha…

And as last we have the venue of course … builded by Remarkable Oblivion. I used the “RO – Circus Rot – Two Top Tent” and the “RO – Circus Rot – Magicians Trunk”

So enter the tent … and enjoy.



Worship the sun

Worship the sun

Wearing the amazing Heriah outfit and sword from [The plastik] witch is the new exclusive for the Days of Yore event that started march 18th and will be open until the 1 of april. This incredible well detailed set comes with an impressive texture hud to change it too your likings … This outfit can be worn on slink and maitreya mesh bodies… every part can be bought seperatly or you can buy it as a fatpack.

The two nice  “Roman Incense Burner” are also new and come from “Paper Moon” alse to be found on the Days of Yore event.

and last but not least is on that same event (lol) the  Dreaming Thicket – Leather Circlets. There’s 2 styles in the box, kind of masculine/feminine version, but both are unrigged and can be adjusted to any head. They were a nice addition to the set and made me have a Roman look.

So I would say … quickly give a nice prayer to the sun and travel towards the event here:

Kisses and till next time



The wind

The wind.jpg

Wearing the amazing [ LsR ] – Sexy Shakia Set witch is an exclusive for the “Tres Chic” event . The March Round Opened the 17th so time to go see it right 😉 The ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Shakia Set✩✩ is  100% Original Mesh and includes: [✔]Mesh Option : Top & Skirt [✔]Controler Hud with 30 Roses Textures and 30 Plains Textures Belt Change color option [✔]Sizes for Suit : Maitreya Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Slink [ HourGlass ]. There are single items available in ‘ONE COLOR’ or Full Options in the FatPack… Link below to the event:

also wearing the -KC- couture “Rixa heels” These new store release heels are coming with the impressive texture hud for the maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh feet… Also available on marketplace here:

The backdrop and pink petals in the wind are from Foxcity “Photo Booth – Flutter (Blush & Red)” a nice addition in every blogger backdrop collection ❤

See you all next time …

Kisses Ivy

Cuddle nights

Cuddle nights

With the MOoH! fair bear poses at the newest round of the  TWE12VE event…

TWE12VE’s March round started the 12th and runs until the 31th . MOoH! is offering 2 gachas with fair bears. 1 Has the big bears to rez and smaller ones to hold. The other has all kinds of sizes with poses and both will be 50L a try. I’m using the shoulder one witch is a common… Follow the path below towards the event and try your luck…

Also in picture JIAN Playful Pibbles “BOX 1. Pillow Pibble RARE” and the Foxcity backdrop “City life”

My outfit is  . Gacha_ Deaad Tired_Monster Slippers – White and the .peaches n cream. – CESP – Pajamas (Maitreya) RARE (both older gacha items)

Night night all


Wherever you go …

Wherever you go ...

Wearing the MOoH! Yara pants that you can find at the in world store. These cute denim pants are with a 10 colors hud for 50% discount, which is just 99L from March 8th till March 21th

Also wearing the MOoH! Piper top light Witch is this weeks group discount. This awesome lace off shoulder top in 18 colors also with 50% discount, which is just 99L. March 8 – March 21 at the main store. Don’t forget to wear your tag!

Combined this outfit with the -KC- couture “GISELLE HEELS” for the MAITREYA, BELLEZA, SLINK and TONIC mesh feet. Can be found at the main store or on marketplace…

Till next time all … winks

Kisses Ivy


Steampunk rulez

The arcade is always one of my favorite events in SL … It always brings so much gorgious creations in different styles. This march my eye fell upon the new gacha from Luas called “Steam commander” and after a while gettings the right prizes …. I finaly got mine complete. This amazing outfit for the maitreya is a real must have for fans of the lady mechanica comics or steampunk on itself. The arcade still runs so if you enjoy this look go see it there:

The backdrop I used is from Paparazzi and called “Moody Sewer – BLUE” and the robot in the background I got from marketplace …

See you next time all


Run towards the waves

Run towards the waves

Nothing better to escape the wet cold days in real then with a nice summerday in SL … and with those new Rixa Heels from -KC- couture it feels even better … These new store release heels are coming with the impressive texture hud for the maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh feet… Als available on marketplace ❤

And as bikini this time I chose my “Mon Cheri” bikini that was a gacha item from the arcade june 2016. This is the midnight version of the set …

The surfboard and pose are by {what next} from their ‘Surf’s Up’ Pose Set For Girls and can be found on marketplace and the main store.

The hair is *ARGRACE* CHIZURU – Blacks v1.1 and can also be found on marketplace

Cowabungaaaaaaa … oops sorry … I just noticed my wave 😉



Ancient Friends

Ancient friends

“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.”


Wearing today is the  =Zenith=Wood Elf Ranger outfit black (gacha items), .ET. Vintage Romance Choker Black, Luas The Huntress Pauldrons Black and :(SH): Dragonborn Mask – BlackWhite

The pose is by Réve Obscura called *!R.O!* Mother Of Dragons BENTO Pose w/ Dragons that you can find on marketplace or at their main store …

And the amazing backdrop behind me is the .:Joplino:. Backdrop “Shrine” and can be found at the Mainstore:

Till next time all


Are you worthy?

Are you worthy

Here comes the .:Joplino:. & [HB] Poses Pose Set Conan witch is an exclusive set for the The Men Jail Event  (see link underneath to the event) The set are 5 single male poses and come with the huge mesh sword included… Be sure to also check out the couple pose from the same creator… really gorgious work ❤

My compagnion in guarding the bridge is the “JIAN Fallow Buck Static – Blink” witch is a part of the JIAN Fallow Deer Buck & Doe pack that you can find at their Main store here:

and then last but not least is the amazing outfit I am wearing from [The Plastik] everything but the hair is from the same gacha called “:[P]:- Satriane Satyr Gatcha” and can be found at their main store here… Good luck in getting yours complete ❤

So now tell me … are you worthy to cross the bridge to the fantasy realms…