Song of the seas

Queen of the seas

“A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Africa and Asia. The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings. In other folk traditions (or sometimes within the same tradition), they can be benevolent or beneficent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans.”

Some stories say they have magical voices luring the men with their songs … so that is the version I’ll bring in my blog … the underwater seductress ❤

Wearing the amazing new body and head tattoo from waldorf design that you can find at the 4mesh event that started november 12 th and runs until december 11th. This tattoo is also available in green,purple, blue and yellow! Wearable on all the omega applier using mesh bodies.

Also wearing :

  • ~Tableau Vivant~ Mermaid headdress – Pink and teal
  • TRUTH HAIR HoneyAna [+Chest]
  • #EMPIRE – Beach Day – Bikini Top – Mermaid
  • !dM deviousMind “Erielle” **RAINBOW** (BOX) – RARE

Thanks and till next time



Don’t let me go


Sometimes I really do like the romantical settings and scenery that you can have in Second life … They can add to the story and enlight your senses in ways the mind can’t comprehend. So when I got the new Scene with 5 amazingly hot poses from Lil’bug I couldn’t even chose from them … but at the end this one is my favorite. The candles and dark scene makes this so erotic in a way. Added the song “Don’t let me go” by Rovigo on the background and omg I’m in for anything azu wants laughs… ❤

As told the scene “Dark Corner” comes as a rezzable prop and once on it you can chose between the poses and adjust them to fit your body. It can be found as an exclusive on the Hashtag event november round …

Hmmm time to be seduced more …

Till next blog all …


Steamy life

Steam is life

I always loved the steampunk style … it mixes the past and the future in a way it makes something totaly new. So thanks to Luas it’s new gacha (The pocket gacha hud) Vintage steampunk I could bring this scene called “Steampunk” from Come Soon more alive. The Fox is by Jian … available at their main store. Every packedge has a companion, a wanderer and a number of static ones.

And last but not least at all … can you see that gorgious fluffy tail … That one is the new exclusive bento tail for the whimsical fair by Plastik. The Fluna tail is available in many options of hud and with a lot of nice animations and just for the fair there is also an exclusive hud called “Snowy” so go check it out and enjoy the fluffyness …

Kisses Ivy

Sweet as candy

Sweet as candy

“Step into my candy store!
Time for you to prove you’re
not a loser anymore…
Then step into my candy store!
Guys fall” from the musical Heather

Oh yes I always loved this song even thou I’m not a musical lover … So with the amazing “Lollipop” pose from Sam Poses I can use the song giggles … This pose is an exclusive on the hashtag event that started the 15th ❤

The pose excist out of some candy pieces prop to rezz and once on it you can edit … The background is from a gacha of “Astralia” called “Cute Rainbow”

Till tomorrow for more blogging fun …

Kisses Ivy

Virtual Striker

Virtual Striker

What would happen if you mix the Japanese samourai with the future … that was what I was imaging after getting the new pose by Sam Poses. So I got an picture in mind of a samourai vigilante called “Virtual striker” ready to face the bad guys after watching over the new york city in 2100 … lighty thinking about how popular the blade runner movie is this could easely fit in laughs ❤

The pose “Samurai” is an exclusive @ the Hashtag event that opend November 15th

The katana rezzes while on the posepad and is adjustable thru menu. The outfit is by !go! called 2067 (is a gacha product)

Till next time …

Kisses Ivy



Night Club

Night Club

Sometimes one look on a new dress can make you dream … this one was like that. When I noticed “heidi” by facepalm I dreamed I was the lead singer of one of my favorite bands at this time … Night club! So this is my ode to the band and the creator of this wondeful dress that is available for the maitreya, belleza, TMP, slink and the regular body … It comes with a nice 6 part texture hud… You can get your own version at the main store!!! Time to rock with this great ensemble ❤

To finish off I have a live version of Night Club … enjoy and till next time

Kisses Ivy

Unlock Me …

Unlock me ...

“prends moi – ce soir – l’amour – toujours – ton corps – ta voix – la loi – c’est moi

because you make me crazy
electricity shocks pound under my skin
let me be your burden of sin
until you finally crucify me

dancing into ecstasy
every touch from you is killing me
I’m going crazy in this torture game
twist my brain until I scream your name” Crazy by Frozen Plasma

Wearing #Cranked# Lure outfit with mesh top and panties for the maitreya and the belleza mesh bodies. Coming with hud for top in 10 colors and panties with 20 textures … This is a store release and panties are also sold seperatly …

New are these amazing boots by -KC- couture coming with the usual big texture hud to change partly or completely your boots as you desire. “Izara” is available at marketplace or at the main store …

The wonderful scene is by anxiety at the rewind fair … seats and pole are both with poses included.

Enjoy and till next time …


Skater Paradise

Skaters Paradise

New at #Cranked# main store is these wonderful “sweatpants V4” with an option to chosse an urban hud or normal and even one leg of both … so a lot of options to create your favorite pants. You can wear this on the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies and with the hud also the waitsband and bow are editable.

The top is by Blueberry & Grixdale called the “Madcap top – Lara – Black” from a gacha a few years ago. The hair with cap is from Lamb. the “loomer – red pack”

And last but not least is another great pose by Come Soon poses “I made my way” and comes with scenery, skateboard and cup of coffee.

Time for another 360 Inward Heelflip … see ya guys

Kisses Ivy


The red shirt always dies first …

The red shirt always dies first ...

Oh I’m a big Star Trek fan and have all the series and movies at home … but when I remember the first season with spock and kirk (not the reinvented ones) there was something strange. I always had fun with the people in the red outfits … becausse every episode one died lol … it was like a given that the red shirt wearing officer was bound to meet his maker laughs … So as an ode to the original series and with respect to all the creators that worked on this amazing star trek univers I offer you my picture. Thank you brother to help me with the pose …

Pose is by Sam Poses called “Blood thirst” and can be found at the main store or at marketplace … adjustable thru menu while on the posepad.

And for now time to go boldly where no woman has gone before …

Kisses Ivy

2067 AD

2067 AD

I love fantasy fairs so today I visited the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that opend nevember 7th. And after walking around it I saw this great apocalyptic outfit by !gO! named “2067” and I was afraid it would cost me a lot haha but I was lucky and after only one spin I’ve got this amazing rare 2 (from the 3 rare outfits in it) It is a really complete outfit with mesh metalic feet and two kind of helmets once with hair or one without … If you love this theme then this outfit rocks for sure!

And it seems my luck wasn’t done with one time … becausse next gacha I played was the Poseidon pose store gacha “Post apox” and once again after the first try I got this rare tank with 16 poses (8 different once and their mirror versions) and rocketlauncher included… So these two lucky strikes together made me think about this awesome picture making me feel like “Tank girl” from the comics with the same name ❤

And as a good poker player I know when to stop so after those two lucky shots I went home but for the people wanting to try their own luck and visit the fantasy gacha carnival … follow the link underneath …

Good luck you all and till next blog …