And we stay on the beach with this blog … wearing the #EMPIRE – ST – Bikini 1 – rose {Maitreya} a gacha item from the “Summer Time” series.

But also wearing the NEW heels from -KC- couture called “Ramona” … These amazing heels can be used on maitreya, belleza and slink mesh feet. Comes with an impressive 50 part texture hud (and also 10 toe cap patterns and 5 metal textures). You can also change parts of the heels.

You can find them here on marketplace …

The hair is the new truth VIP groupgift “Reyane”

Pose is by “le poppycock” called “All in the hips” from their endless summer gatcha.

Enjoy the last summerdays … and see you next blog where I’ll have to go to the gym to burn some of the summervacation cocktails away … lol

Kisses Ivy


I’ll save you …

I'll save you ...

Wearing the Horntail – [Murica] Ayame Maitreya Bikini … there are a lot of other designs of this bikini so check them out on marketplace here …

Hair is the new vip groupgift “Reyane” from Truth … as always coming with all the colour huds and a style hud …

Pose is by Le Poppycock called *Bae Watch* Overboard and is from the gacha with the same name. You can find that one still at the main store.

Kisses and till next time … (hurry before he’s drowning)


I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night…

I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

“If we were stars glowing in the sky
Illuminate the dark like a shining light
If we were sparks flying in the wind
Flashing in the night ignite the flame within” Stars by solitary experiments


Backdrop by #Cranked# for the new round of “The Suicide DollZ.” The darker side of your SL. This cute backdrop is modify and easy to use for your pictures. You can find this and other amazing stuff here at the event.

Or check out the #cranked# main store for more goodies here:

The table and chair are from the amazing [The  Plastik] and can be found with a hud with different textures. This Dining set called Starlana can be found at the new “Au Lovely” event … follow the link below to get there …

The plate with the starry and yummie cookies is called “:[P]:- Saucer of Rea Jellies SECRET RARE” and comes also from [The Plastik] but from their [Kawaii Okashi Gatcha]

For the main store see below:

Time for some stars … till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

Oops … You’re home!

oops ... you're home already

“Who doesn’t like a little naughty moments in his life … To step away from this busy and enerving world for a while and just enjoy some “Me” time (unless you get disturbed laughs)… I sure do 😉 So with the new outfit from LSR Moda and the heels of -KC- couture I had my time … ❤


The ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Jenesse Suit★★ ► coming as top & shorts for the Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis – Freya ], Slink [Physique HourGlass ] and  Altamura [ Sofia ] mesh bodies. The hud has 30 sweet textures and the set is available thru marketplace here:

Or at the store in World:

And then we have the heels “Rheta” by -KC- couture and as usual they come with the huge texture hud and are you able to change only parts of the heels. Also available at marketplace here:

Time to close the blog … and no peeping ❤

Kisses Ivy

My own world

My own world

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Today we made a little visit to “The imaginarium” and I stumbled into the new gacha from Lil’bug called Books… These amazing poses (8 common and 2 rare) are simply amazing and easy to use (or adjust) and I used the 6th common as my favorite. Go check them out at the event ❤

and check the other poses out at their main store here:

Kisses Ivy



A Star Is Born

A star is born

Just an extra blog for the fun of blogging something amazing … laughs. This time from =Zenith= I found on the newest round of “we love roleplay” this gorgious outfit… When I noticed it I could imagine being on a stage singing in it … So time for the spotlights with =Zenith= Scarlet available in 6 textures … Go get your own at WLRP here …

The backdrop is from Foxcity and comes from their latest gacha at “The Arcade” It is the 5th common from the #Mood gacha called “staged”


Kisses and till next time…


Double Bunny Trouble

Double Trouble

Time to bring a new store I blog for into the spotlight … Horntail. This amazing brand brought it’s creation to the new round of “Girlpower” And with many thanks to my sexy bestie Barb we show it off in two colours lol. For more info about the event see their website below. The event starts today september 8 …


And the pink cadilac ride towards it.


But now a bit more about the suit … The Inoue is an amazing bunnysuit coming in 6 colours… and excist out of the shoes, fishnet stockings, collar armsleves (ends are seperate), bodysuit, tail and ears of course.

So be daring and unleash your bunny inner girlpower… and go check it out!!!

Horntail mainstore can be found here …♥

Bunny Hotness

Till next time … (hops away)

Kisses Ivy




Sisterhood 1

Sometimes you meet people that instantly crawl into your heart … Not just as friends but even as family … You my dear bestie are one of those. Always there for me like a big sis when I need you … So this blog isn’t only about clothes but also about loving someone close … Or where the bounds that holds us together are unbreakable ❤

💗 On Barb you see the little sexy dress “Eliya” From: Seniha  witch you can find at the  Cosmopolitan Event In Different colors.

💗 lovely pose “SIS” From: SamPoses witch you can find at The Darkness Event Montly

💗 Leg tattoo “Grace” From: Carol G.

As always you can get them in 3 different colors, black, red and white. You find this beauty at Cosmopolitan Event

💗 High heels “Orane” From: -KC-

The heels come s always with an amazing giant hud to make it into your own style ! You can also find it on her MP Store

💗 On Ivory you find also the Eliya dress From:  Seniha

💗 The Orane Shoe’s From: -KC-

~ Other Credits ~

Maitreya mesh body , Bento head Catwa, Hair Argrace, Backdrop Foxcity.

Thank you bestie for helping me with this amazing picture … kisses

Till next time everyone

Kisses Ivy



Beauty untamed when wearing the new  ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Pam Set★★ containing the  top & skirt for the Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis – Freya ], Slink [Physique HourGlass ] and Altamura [ Sofia ] mesh bodies …The outfit includes also a hud with 30 amazing textures to unleash your wild side. Available thru marketplace here:

or at the mainstore inworld here:

other credits today are the Tableau Vivant \\ May – Fades (hair), the N-core VALKYRIE Fur Boots (Knee) BLACK, the **RE** LUX Liana – Set – Rocker Pack, the LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Neve (mesh head) and the Belleza mesh body Freya.

My compagnion at my side is the Birdy – Sahara – Tiger – Static Lay Right… better not forget to feed him laughs…

Till next time all …

Kisses Ivy