I want iceee …

Ice age

Seems the extremely hot week will come to an end tomorrow so before the refreshing rain comes I want ice again … Enjoying the flavors of the ice combined with strawberry sauce … yummieeee … Anyway it was again a warm sunny day so could put on a new swimsuit again together with this incredible tattoo …

New from L.c. Tattoo is this “Mandala” coming in 4 different tones … (25 -50 -75 -100 percent) for the maitreya mesh body or any omega using body (be sure to have the right omega applier for your body!) The tattoo and many other lovely ones are at the main store or available thru marketplace!


The swimsuit today is by [sys] and called “MATIRA bodysuit (body mesh) – white” and can be found at the main store.


The glasses I found on a gacha … they are from Anachron the “Round Frame Glasses Gacha – Crossbrace Silver” And the hair with  I bought on marketplace to finish of this summer look 🙂 “eXxEsS Mesh Hair : CHAMPAGNE A” has a huge collor hud and has 4 hair options … 2 with hat and 2 without (for bigger breasts) it also has a seperate hud for the hat … so a lot of options for a small price! be sure to check it out ❤

Ice time

kisses and till next time …


Wonders of nature

Wonders of natureTrip into the woods with my brother and my bestie … back to nature enjoying the absence of industrialized sounds … No radio, no cellphone … nothing but what nature provides us… what could we ask for more! Oh a surprise visit from some of the animals maybe?

Regi does the new pose by samposes for men called “Timber” that is available at the main store and thru marketplace …



I’m wearing the “Black Rose design” Miri jeans outfit that you can find at marketplace and in the main store ❤



The hair with cap is by Lamb. called “Loomer – red pack” with two huds (hair/cap)

Be careful with that axe bro … we don’t want to bring you to the hospital … laughs

Till next blog all … kisses


Do you remember the time …

5Do you remember the time ...

Today an ode to one of the best artists the world has known … (even thou he was kind of excentric and we never will know how he really was) Michael Jackson. For me only looking at his musical career he was really amazing … his songs and some of his clips were magic. If I have to be on an unhabited island with only music of two artists I would pick him and Queen. And one of the clips I most adored wasn’t “Thriller” but “Remember the time”

Wearing the !dM deviousMind “Bastet” **GODDESS** LARA LootBox RARE from the lootbox fair … scene is by Come Soon the “egypt” couple pose.


I chose for this outfit the “Sienna” hair from [LeLutka] so that it didn’t interfere with the mask…

As last I’ll give you the clip I mentioned … enjoy and recognize other celebs in the clip 😉

Kisses Ivy


Dead men don’t tell tales

Dead men tell no tales ...

“Can you hear the drums of the natives at the shore … can you feel the breeze thru our hair… The smell of the sea while we’re anchored in this bay! Suddenly the “flying dutchman” manouverd next to us and unleashed his undead pirates on our ship… But we won’t give up our pirate ship without a fight… They won’t take this prize from us! ” Captain Blacks journal

Wearing the NEW  “Becka boots” that is a new marketplace release of the ever expanding wet shoe dream -KC- couture. As usual every part of this boot can be changed from color with the 45 part big color hud!


At this moment the new round of “Lootbox” … This gacha fair is always loaded with great designers and one of those is !ElvenElder … they released their “Widowmaker” gacha and i was lucky enough to get the rare lootbox with this black version of the outfit (inclusive a color hud with the other colors) but you can get the outfit as commons and the gun called “Flintlock pistol” This gorgious steampunkish outfit is for the maitreya … TP to the Lootbox fair underneath …


Aye … that’s all matey’s now grab the rum and sing our victory song! Cause’ dead men don’t tell tales … do they!

Capt. Black Ivy

Where did everyone go?

Where did everyone go

Darn 35 is way to much for me to work in … so after a sweatty day I wanted to plunge into the pool … it was rather crowdy and to much noise to really relax … Lucky in SL I found a quiet empty pool … I do wonder why thou … Good thing is I can show off the new tattoo from L.c. Tattoo … This “Floral tribal” can be worn on the maitreya and every omega using mesh body. You can find this cutie at the main store … see link below! My outfit is from Addams (I do love this store… if you look for quality Addams is a must) The outfit is called “Gigi Outfit N.1” and contains a chain, hud and outfit. With that hud you can hide every part of the outfit and change the color of the side borders (and in the fatpack also the color of the outfit) Hair is by elua “Misty red” that I found on marketplace.

Main store L.c Tattoo:


Main store Addams:


Happy shopping … kisses Ivy


My statement …


Pfff … here bombing there war … the world seems to get every day a little worse. And I don’t like it but well … we can only end this when there would be only one kind of soldiers … those of the army of love. When humankind will finaly see that we’re all the same even with our little differences. So this is my statement against warmongers, terrorists and bullies… A big middle finger up!!!

This amazing pose is by Q-poses and can be found at the new round of cosmopolitan… “Boudoir 03” comes as a rezzable pad with two versions of the pose … (weapon not included)



New ED. “Nemo Coat” for Maitreya, Belleza and slink … available at Tres chic event that opened june 17th


-KC- couture “Berlin” high boots that are available thru marketplace and the main store


hat is by zenith from the gacha *secret agent* and is the black version of it (common item)


Okay time to spread some love again … kisses ivy


The scout

The Scout

Now and then on the fairs you see an item that you know you want to tell a story with it … This time it was this little dress by United Colors that stole my heart ❤ It just breathed Indian style … laughs … so I bought it so I could make this blog. Haw … the spirits have told me what they brought me today …

NEW United Colors  “Jane” Fringe mini dress shroom for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza


NEW -KC- couture “Kiya” juwels barefeet … were a superb addition to this outfit even thou I had blogged them already 🙂 But thanks to the collor hud I could make them fit this outfit…


Addams “Zara” necklace and bracelet were gacha items but the gacha is located at their main store so go try your luck 🙂


The pose is by Lil’bug called “black horse” and contains 5 single poses in a menu and you can also adjust height and more… still available at the main store.


and my hair was this time from [e] called Brenna – Essentials

Big firewater kisses … ivy Ugh!



I was cleaning up in real with the radio loud and pfff with this heat I was dreaming of the beach … and suddenly … this amazing song from the 80’s played called “Islands”. This song was by Mike oldfield but with the voice from Bonnie Tyler. It was so good to hear it again and to dream away even more about being on an island. So what I can’t do in real I do in SL right 🙂

NEW Waldorf design brought this amazing tattoo “Body Sand” for Signature and all other omega applier using mesh bodies. You can find this wonderful tattoo at the “InspirationSL” Event that started June 18th


NEW pose by Q-poses called “Laying on my horse” and can be found at the Cosmopolitan event started June 19th (till the first of July)… You need to rezz the horse and then you get a menu when sitting on it. You can choose between the pose and the mirrored version and if necessary adjust the pose.


And last but not least is this new bikini from facepalm … “Irene dark” is an applier for the Maitreya, Slink and the omega applier using mesh bodies and contains 4 colors being  black, red, blue and purple. Just in time for these hot days … you can find this cutie at the new round of Twe12ve …


And to close my blog … the song from 1987 … Kisses and enjoy !!! Ivy

A goth breakfast

a gothic breakfast

Giggles oh where is the time I wore all black clothes and listened only to darker music… It relaxed me in a periode of life. I strugled with the death of my youngest brother and a few minor things but somehow it made me come back stronger then before. So this could have been a little flashback lol …

Today the Spring cleaning event will open up and this pj from Facepalm will be there as exclusive. It comes in 5 standard sizes and Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic and TMP mesh sizes. The pants has a hud with 6 skull collor options. “Shaw” excist out a tank top and PJ pants available June 19th till end of the month at the fair…

The plate with skull formed eggs and bacon, mug with batwings and pitchfork  are one set together available at marketplace … flowey / spoopy breakfast: starry night


The background scene is by Come Soon poses called “between cats” available at their Main store or thru marketplace…


The “sleepmask- Boo” and fluffy “Monster slippers- white” are from a gacha by .Atomic. called “Deaad Tired” from an The arcade round last year … I tried looking if somewhere you can still find this gacha but was unsuccesfull so I’m afraid the only option are items that get sold on marketplace.

Spooky goth kisses to you all … Ivy





It seems the summer has set in a week earlier then espected and I’m already seaking shelter for the heat … So what better place then in the water 🙂 So I chose one of the amazing poses by Q-poses and putted on a new bikini … And voila here I am at the beach again … splashes some water at the camera ❤

The pose I used today was (fitting name btw) “Zodiac – water – Pisces” Yes you see 3 names lol … Q-poses brought at the last pose fair a whole Zodiac collection and added those in 4 seperate pads. Water,Air, Earth and Wind  contains every time 3 of our zodiac signs… Water has Scorpio, Pisces and Cance! You need to rezz the pad and sit on it to get the menu to switch poses. These Zodiac signs are available at their main store


The bikini is by !Rebel Hope called “Brinkly Mesh Bikini – Coal” and was bought on the birthday sim from Second Life…

The hair is the vip gift from Truth june 2017 called “Ambriel”

Tattoo is from [White~Widow] called “SnakeEyes”


Wish you all a nice start of the new week … kisses Ivy