Party like there is no tomorrow …


This nice groupgift by Lil’bug came just in time to end this awful 2016 in style … Looking back at 2016 as a year where we lost a lot of brilliant people, a year where hate triumpht over reason a lot … where nature is still not protected enough against moneywolves … then I can only hope that 2017 brings us better things !!!

I wish you all a happy new year and see you next year!! Be sure to get to the lil’bug store for your free groupgift! ❤

The Black Cat


Time for another great pose by Sam Poses … When I opened this one the first that came in mind was whoa such a feminin  and aluring pose … and started to fantasize sneaking over the rooftops dressed as black cat from spiderman… So here it is my vision as Felicia Hardy lol … You can find this gorgious pose at the Sam Poses main store or on marketplace … the name is as hot as it can be too lol … “Come and get me”

what I’m wearing today …

* -SU!- Kitty headband

* -KC- couture Berlin high boots

*.:CoLL:. Paranormal Necklace

*Blueberry “Lida” bodysuit

*Here Kitty tail

*L+N Faith mesh hair platinum

*Maitreya Lara mesh body

*~*illusions*~* Bad kitty mask

Who’s the boss now?


Oh yes this is the kind of outfit I like … with a bad ass attitude hehe … I love to be bitchy sometimes giggles ❤

So this new REwind “Attidude” sweater and leggings are just what I needed … you can find this gem in the store and on Marketplace … see links below

Pose is by the wonderful Come Soon brand called “Girls club”… I really enjoy their poses becausse they always include the whole scenery

The force … saddens


Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away … there was a princess that enlighted us all in her battle against the empire. That role was played by Carrie Fisher maybe one of the first female action heroes in hollywood  and an example for a lot more to come …

Now the force called her to join it and even if it saddens us all … I know that if she could she would say to us all “May the force be with you …”

Rest in peace Carrie … you will be missed !!!

One more time …


“When you were just a stranger
And I was at your feet
I didn’t feel the danger
Now I feel the heat
That look in your eyes
Telling me no
So you think that you love me
Know that you need me
I wrote the song, I know it’s wrong
Just let me go” from One More Time

Time to pay an ode to one of biggest artists from my yought … “George Michael”. He made such great songs when he was member of wham! and his solo carreer was superb! How much emotions can a song bring huh …

Pose by Sam Poses called “Feelings” available at their mainstore and thru marketplace…

Wearings the cute “Dana Heels” by -KC- couture, “Gigi Bodycon dress” (groupgift) by Maitreya and the (RealEvil) **RE** necklace LUX Pearldrop

Rest in Peace … and thank you for all the wonderful songs you brought us …


The White Queen


I’m a comic fanatic and one of my favorites are the X-men with Emma Frost (The White Queen) as leading favorite character … Her looks and sensuality makes her so unresistable and sexy… So with this new outfit by .:LG:. called “Malika” I made an ode to her appearence … You can find this gorgious outfit at Marketplace or inworld at the main store (see links below)


You can choose between this white one I’m wearing or the black or pink version…



Merry Xmas to all


I want to thank you my followers and the people I blog for … this year has been an amazing year full of nice blogs and I wish you all a merry xmas and a superb 2017 full of new blogs and fun … ❤

Inner conflict


Everyone knows them the battle inside your heart and mind … will I do this … will I do that … So when I saw this gorgious new pose by Q-poses I knew how I would do it … In this picture you see me myself and I  … laughs two times on the same pose called “Take my heart” (The pose is available at the curent Cosmopolitan round)

The outfit (in the front) is “Valhalla” by Moon elixer a gacha at this running The Fantasy Collective … 75 linden a try …

My other outfit in the back is from last halloween events “Serpentis Masquerade” also by Moon elixer …

Tell me … do you like what you see?


Time to bring in a new store and also a new sponsor for my blog … Ruffles her drum ok ok it wasn’t a drum but smacking my bum laughs … here is REwind !!! A brand new clothing store ready to take the grid …

So what am I wearing  …

*Rewind Shoulder off sweater Eminence Purple

*Rewind Skinny Jeans Aqua

*WAYNE / Kathrine Pearl Necklace (Modify)

*/Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack-

The clothes by REwind you can find on marketplace thru this link

Holiday fun …


The warm moments of setting up your tree with the family … decorating it and having fun together is what always make my holiday season the best … also the little gifts add to the season feel … So time to show some of them off and blog some cute things

Wearing today is the wonderful cute dress by RealEvil Industries called “Irina glitter dress”that you can find at the store and marketplace … it contains three colors of the dress in a hud (but you can get also a red version as groupgift on MP) for a very smell price in time for the christmas party right … also the necklace is by **RE** and a groupgift you can find at the store

The shoes are the “Bethany” boots from -KC-couture that you can find at the “tres chic” fair … As usual they come with a huge hud to change the metals and boots

BETHANY Ankle Boots

okay and what more can we say about the picture … The pose is by the new Sam Poses brand and called “Dear Santa” that you can find at their main store and MP

also a few groupgifts by The Looking Glass  that are really cute and those are The music globe and  the rocking chair