An elves morning


Only three days before the new round starts of “The Avenue” and as usual we have some exclusive poses by Sam Poses that will be available there … One of them is this gorgious pose “Daydream” witch brought me back into my fantasy gear on SL … I always loved how we could dress different styles and with this pose dreams can be made … You just need to find a place where you can rezz … jump on the pad and bring out your most beautiful smile ❤ … So when !!! Mark your agenda Feb 1st till the 28th at “The Avenue” see link below

My outfit is FDD GL “Cirilla” coming from a gacha, the hair is from Truth called “Ice [Reds]” and then of course my Maitreya Lara mesh body and Logo “Alex” Mesh head

The bow is [EZ] Guilded Bow of Jie -novo2.02 and can be used to roleplay and fight inside SL roleplay sims

Greetings and till next blog,

Kisses Ivy

I’ve got you …


Freeze this is the FBI … take some time to check out this gorgious outfit from Black Rose Designs! Laughs … no but seriously this amazing pants and jacket called “Selene” are sexy and witty at the same time … it can be found at the Vampire Heart Event starting the 1st of februari (till the 28th) The outfit contains the jacket and pants for the Freya, Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique and Venus mesh bodies …

Take me for a ride


Hmmm what a better way then to start the day with a new groupgift that is so nice you want to blog it the same instant… This cute red dress “Anja” is the januari groupgift by .::Dead Dollz::. and can be found in their mainstore (you need to have the grouptag activated to get it)

The hair is from No.Match and called “No.Darkness” and fits this dress wonderfully

The location is Bella Pace a very beautiful italian looking sim and when you are in the group you can even rezz your own pose as I did … the pose is called “Showtime” from Q-poses that was inside their “Catwalk show”packedge from the last Cosmopolitan round

Paradise (once upon a time)


Sam poses is back with a new cute single female pose called “Comfort” and for me comfort is something I don’t find at home or with friends … but when I’m alone surrounded by nature … the sounds of the wind thru the leaves and the singing birds … away from all the electronical and city noises. That is where I come to peace with everything. ❤

But back to the pose giggles … you can find this little gem at the square1 event that starts 1st of feb midnight SLT and is an exclusive there after the events closing it will be in the mainstore and on marketplace … here is another closer look 😉


Link to the Square 1 event :

peaceful harmony


Time for some peace and quiet … relaxing in the winterscene. Joined by a rabbit and a sweet dove in this cute pose by Le poppycock called *Peace* sanctuary… as soon as you add the animals the pose starts to work … and both are modify 🙂

the boots are by the amazing -KC- couture brand… These Jora boots come with an impressive hud with 40 colors and 5 metal choices (or even hide the buttons and chains) and are available at the main store and on Marketplace (see links)

the coat is by Zenith called “winter” lolita lace coat and comes from the “winter” gacha

Until next blog … kisses Ivy



True Love Beats Every Storm


Bringing you one of the newest poses by Q-poses … This amazingly sweet pose “My man” can be found at the latest round of cosmopolitan. The pose contains a rezzable pad where you take place on (female first) and the umbrella rezzes as soon as the other takes place 🙂 The pose is modify so you can if needed drag the umbrella on its place …

Cosmopolitan is a bi weekly fair and this latest run started jan 16 …

Thank you for watching and see you next blog …

Kisses Ivy

Pain for pleasure


“Feels so good being bad
There’s no way I’m turning back
Now the pain is for pleasure
‘Cause nothing can measure

Love is great, love is fine
Out the box, out of line
The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more

‘Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But chains and whips excite me”

The S&M song from Rihanna in combination with this new outfit by Black Rose Designs brought the naughty back in me … giggles … the background scene and pose is by Come Soon poses called “Playgirl”

So now more about the outfit ❤ This hot harness from Black Rose Designs is available at their main store and on marketplace (links below) and excist in 2 versions a PG and an adult one … Bound is a black leather strapped harness, it comes in Mesh Sizes including: Slink Physique & Hourglass; Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus; Maitreya; #TMP; and eBODY. And also in regular sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L classic mesh and fitted mesh… Everything to bring some joy to us the naughty girls 😉

Till next blog … hugs and spanks



Private dancer


“I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money
I’ll do what you want me to do
I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money
And any old music will do

Deutch marks or dollars
American Express will do nicely, thank you
Let me loosen up your collar
Tell me, do you want to see me do the shimmy again?”

This picture came to mind when thinking back at our superstar Tina Turner and her iconic song “Private dancer” … So this amazing pose by Q-poses just came on the right time laughs  … You can find this 4 poses (static poses)  rich pole called “Sexy pole dancer” at the running Cosmopolitan round … See link below

The outfit is by addams and called Zara … It can be found as a gacha at the Epiphany latest round

Quando gli occhi potrebbero uccidere… (when your eyes could kill)


Viva italia with this gorgious dress and shoes by Black Rose Designs and -KC- couture … I always had a thing for italie … the food the people and the icecream (drools) so how better to show it again as with this outfit … So here it goes 😉

At worlds end


I so love that “Badass” gacha from Lil’bug so here is another one of their poses … this gacha is at the 2nd level fair. The gacha contains 9 regular and 2 rare poses!!! This is number 5 of the regular ones and you can see my previous post “Crimson hostage” for one of the rare ❤

The outfit I wear is the Caboodle Beast Pants white Rare, Caboodle Beast mask purple and caboodle beast sweater purple all 3 from the same gacha at the memento mori fair

The “Sandy heels” by the always superb -KC- couture makes this outfit complete … as usual they come with a huge color hud so you can change parts of the shoe and the metals too your own liking 🙂 They are the exclusives at the Tres chic fair that started jan 17th …

So I hope you enjoyed the blog and see you next time … Huggles