The Tomb Raider


More then 20 years ago this was one of the first games that I played and stole my gamers heart … I really felt as I was Lara Croft. Being the bad ass woman I always wanted to be lol! And yes I’m speaking of Tomb Raider … The first came out in 1996 omg time flies and started one of the biggest game series and a lot of alternative things like movies comics … Can’t wait to see the next movie btw … I’m sure that one will be spectacular!!!

So now this picture is an ode to Lara … wearing from Black Rose Designs is this awesome {mandy skirt outfit} with both shirt and skirt having an 10 part color hud available for almost every mesh body and the classic body. I combined them with the latest boots from -KC- couture called “Jenna Heels” (with a 40 color hud) Both the outfit as the shoes are available at their main stores and thru MP … Links underneath :  inworld store BRD    inworld store -KC-


Okay time for some new Croft adventures … until next blog!!! Kisses Ivy

Heaven in your eyes


They say eyes are the windows of the soul and I know this is true … in the eyes you can see all the emotions people have .. sadness, hapiness and even love. Yes that little sparkle in your eyes that always swept me of my feet giggles … Thank you for posing with me my love!

What am I blogging today smiles first of all this new pants from .:LG:. that you can find at the mainstore and on marketplace … [Ilona pants] comes with a color hud and fits most of the mesh bodies so check it out on MP and try the demo … Links below

And then we have this cute pose … “Amazed” is from SamPoses and is available at the Hashtag event ending tomorrow so hurry if you want to get yours …!!!

Okay till next time my ivorian followers … kisses Ivy

From the rooftop


Okay sometimes you just find inspiration is things you hear … This time I urge everyone to read the story from Spirit the cat from the owner of Besom here in SL … They have a full store sale to fund the healing of the cat …

The tragic story touched me as a pet owner myself and so I also bring my little support to Hanna and her family with this picture … wearing Besom “Glam Kitten *blacks*” hair that comes together with the mask (only 50 linden at the store) Be sure to check the story out and see for the main store !!! Link below ❤

Hugs and kisses Ivy

Oh that pose you mean …


Haha … it was a long time since a new pose made me laugh so hard. But when I saw this one it cracked me up Roflll … so of course me and azu (thank you darling to help me out) wanted to try it out also giggles …

Lil’bug is the creator of this funny and sexy pose called “Stealing ur playboy” and can be found at the main store and marketplace … you need rezzing rights for the playboys on the ground and then jump on them to get  the menu from the pose witch is completely adjustable in heights . Bring is some naughty and get your own …

Okay back to business … hmmm that pose you wanted to try darling? Okay lets go for it …

Winks naughty … Ivy

will o’ wisp


“an atmospheric ghost light seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps, or marshes. It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travellers from the safe paths.When observed in graveyards, they are known as ghost candles ”

Time to show of a very beautiful gown from Black Rose Designs … making my little goth heart jump from joy when I had it on giggles … This “Eleanor” dress can be found in the main store and on the MP (see links below) and has a color hud with 6 colors for the dress and 6 colors for the laces … The dress can be worn on the regular body and the Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique mesh bodies … it also has a standard fitmesh version in the packedge.

Stay on the safe path giggles … Kisses Ivy


Welcome home darling …


Good you’re home so early giggles … Now I can show off my new dress from Black Rose Designs 😉 Have a glass of wine while I explain that you can find this gorgious dress at the main store and on Marketplace … “Levana” comes with a 10 different  colors hud and is for Maitreya, Freya , Hourglass, Isis, Physique, Venus and Werewolf. No need to put the car in the garage becausse we’re going to show the links …

And then we have those lovely shoes from -KC- couture … “Rosie” heels come with the usual big color hud so you can make them fit to your liking … Also available at the main store and marketplace …

Nah (closes the curtains) … the rest is for your eyes only … giggles … Waves a quick bye to everyone and blows kisses …



First Light


Awesome sexyness is this cool pose by SamPoses … this “Like it or not” came just in time to blog a cute new set by addams … But more later in the blog … the pose can be found at the hashtag event (started 13th feb until the 28 th) and is adjustable to your own height. Link to the event underneath …

And now the outfit 🙂 These wonderful boots are from -KC- couture and called “Odelia” and can be found in the main store and at marketplace

And this cute babydoll is of course from the amazing Addams store … can be found at their main store … “Aurora” can be found in a lot of colors and as groupgift there is also a blindfold with same name …

And now time for waking up further … coffeeeeee … roflll kisses and hugs Ivy

Silent killer


grins … oh I love to be badass and this pose by Q-poses brings out the eastern assasin of me 😉 So time to share this cool pose with you all! As told it is from the Q-poses brand and called “The warrior” with 3 poses all with a kitana that rezzes when you get on the posepad. The pose is adjustable and even the kitana can be adjusted to your own body… This pose is available at the newest round of cosmopolitan so be bold and brave giggles … and get it here …

  • the sandals are from -KC- couture called “Maui”
  • the kimono is from Pixicat called “Oriental Kimono pink”

And for now … sayonara my friends … kisses Ivy



“Hold on tight,
you know she’s a little bit dangerous.
She’s got what it takes to make ends meet
the eyes of a lover that hit like heat.
You know she’s a little bit dangerous.” by Roxette

It is time again for “The Hipster Fair” starting this februari 17th till March 3rd. And this round Black Rose Designs brings us their  “Miri jeans outfit” as exclusive! A wonderfull outfit for the Freya, Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique and Venus mesh bodies … The shirt comes with a 20 option color hud … Follow the link to the fair and the Black Rose Designs store below:

Shoes are by -KC- couture called “Winona” and are available thru marketplace and the main store

Pose is by the amazing lil’bug called Badass 1 and was a pose from a gacha at the 2nd Level a while ago but can still be found at the main store!

Hugs and kisses all … Ivy


Crazy beautiful world


Time for another lovely pose … This time SamPoses came with a really amazing and fun pose! This “Look at life” is coming with a camera that rezzes as soon as you jump on the posepad and adjustable so you can chnage hight or the place of the camera so it fits 🙂 You can find the pose at the main store and marketplace … see links:

The place is Bella Pace … a gorgious sim on SL worth the entrance price ❤

Till next blog … Kisses Ivy