Guardian angel

Savior of paradise

No troubles in paradise with this new amazing bikini created by Black Rose Designs… This uber sexy “Tia Kini” can be worn on a regular body and all major mesh bodies and comes with a color hud with 9 colors plain and 9 colors with dots… Just in time to catch some of the first spring sun right 😉

You can find this bikini at the [Fashion Bloc] starting this april 1st and runs until the 15th

Pose is by Le poppycock and called *Hello sailor* from their Bae watch gacha…

Till next time kisses Ivy


Dropped the shot

Howdy folks … and from east we go to the west … laughs. Today we have a double dose of pictures with this brand new male pose by Samposes … This “Falling apart” comes with a rezzable chair and once you sit on it the camera rezzes in front of you … the pose is adjustable with the menu that pops up once seated. You can find this pose with other goodies at the square 1 event starting today 30/3 … and ends 21/4

So that … that … thatssss all folks … kisses Ivy


Moon Flower

Les reves chinois

As promised we went to China for my newest blog … I was listening to Kitaro today (a japanese synthesizer artist) and heard this Moon Flower song and new this would be the title for this blog … imaging it was the name of the girl I played. Where the sadness shines in her eyes as the moon in the night.


Hope you enjoyed the picture as I did in creating it … kisses Ivy

Helen of Troy

Helena of Troy

I always was fascinated by the stories of Troy … the love between Helen and Paris that started a war between two great civilisations of that era. Probably a lot was romanticaly enlarged by time but still … it sounded as a big epos with heroes on both sides. Today my ode to Helen … a woman following her heart even if all odds were against their love.

Wearing today:

Hope you all enjoyed this blog and see you tomorrow for a trip to China … Kisses Ivy


Go home …

Cats of war

Time to end the wars … and more important to stop new ones from beginning … Why is it that difficult to get along with eachother. If I see how humanity is working towards it own extintion …  it is making me so sad every time again. So this time a blog against war !!!

Blogging the new tattoo by Waldorf design is best used in this laughs … “Punished” can be found as fatpack on marketplace and also as three single part packages (Body, legs and face tattoo) The tattoo is for maitreya, belleza, slink and other omega capable mesh bodies and heads. Be sure to take a look!

and for now … make peace not war … kisses Ivy



A league on their own

A league on their own

Sport will always be big business in the world … being competitive and earning a lot of money with it !!! And so even in SL sports takes a major place there … Wrestling,racecars , horses , soccer and more found their way into the grid. I’m going to use baseball for this blog ❤

We’re wearing the new -KC- couture “Alexia Sneaker Boots” that will be the store its exclusive during the Shoetopia 2017… These crossing between a boot and a sneaker come with a huge colorhud to change parts or completely to your likings… and can be worn on most mesh feet.

The top and shorts are the “Gym 2.0” from addams … I keep loving this … sporty and sexy at the same time laughs.

And then we have the amazing pose from Lil’bug called “Don’t mess with me” that contains 3 baseball poses with bat. This pose is still at their main store… adjustable to your height!

Okay on to the field of glory … throw the ball darling! Kisses Ivy

How far I’ll go …

Wind of change

“I’ve been standing at the edge of the water
Long as I can remember
Never really knowing why
I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water
No matter how hard I try

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Every path I make
Every road leads back to the place I know
Where I cannot go
Where I long to be

See the light where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
No one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go” from Moana


Recently I watched Moana from Disney and loved it so much that some of the songs kept lingering in my head… one of those was “How far I’ll go” So I took the liberty to use samposes their new pose for this blog … This cute single female pose called “Serene” can be found at the 3th round of Fashion Bloc (April 1st – 15th)

Okay time to sing along again and laugh with the rest of the movie … Hugs Ivory

So say we all …

So say we all ...

As a big science fiction fan I surely loved both Battlestar Galactica series they brought us … The fight of humanity against the vicious Cylons trying to wipe us out was so exciting to follow that now and then I still look if there isn’t something new on that front coming laughs … When you haven’t checked this out be sure to try a few episodes but be warned  it is very addictive lol …So why this …

When I noticed the name of this new tattoo I got to blog it remind me at this little gem amongst the Science fiction creations. Waldorf design brings us “Out of space” a full body tattoo for the maitreya, belleza, signature and omega capable mesh bodies. It is available at marketplace and at their main store…

So I joined the battle with this picture and I say the magic words from Commander Adama himself … “So say we all”

Ivy fricking “starbuck” for one day

Summer in Tirol

Summer in Tirol

Joooooodelaaaaaaawhiskeyyyyyyy … oops … I think the last went wrong somehow 🙂 But wanted to end the week with a funny picture so I grabbed back into my inventory and found this funny pose from Lil’bug. It was a common from their “Moonshine Barrel” gacha that is still available at their main store. 8 commons (single) and two rares (duo poses) are there to win …

My outfit is from the amazing Salt & Pepper “oktoberfest” gacha … also there you can still find it at the store…

Okay and for now … bring me some sun and schnaps … and I jodel thru the mountains as never before!

Kisses Ivy

Have some soul

Have some soul

Music … so much different styles … but some really get under your skin and touches your soul. Now with all the disturbing things happening in the world I really could use my share of music…

Today we blog two items at once … first this great male pose by Lil’bug that contains 3 poses with Trumpet (one with chair) that you activate when you get on the pad you need to rezz. The pose is adjustable thru menu and can be found on the 2nd level fair.

And then we have this cute dress by Black Rose Designs called “Bea” and is a new store release with an impressive 16 collor hud for the dress (also 16 laces and 4 metal)… Be sure to check out this gem …

You can also find the dress and try the demo thru marketplace …

Kisses and until next blog … Ivy