Out of Ammo

Out of ammo

Sometimes I see male poses I like to blog … so then I ask my brother to help me laughs … and while we were both still in the mood for zombie killing we made up this scenery! Walking dead anyone? lol

So Regi is doing this great pose by Q-poses called “Voices In my head” that is available at the main store. See link below!


Excuse me but I need to save my bro now … waves bye bye … till next blog

Jungle fever

Jungle Fever

From time till time I go zombie shooting in SL and most of the times they are hidden in cities … but what I would like also (maybe an idea for someone that wants to open such a sim) is to have such a game inside a jungle … could be amazing to run into traps and to hide in old aztek temples. So today no blogging clothes … only a pose by Le poppycock from a gacha (still available at the main store) *Lawless* Raw Audacity


Okay time to hunt some more … and for the people wanting to try it also … free hud and weapons (Grim hud) and nice sim to start  is “Last Hope”


Kisses Ivy

Changed into beachlook


How better then to fight against the heat here then with a nice beach picture … In the meanwhile I can blog a pose by the fabulous Lil’bug brand called “Me and my wine” that was on the Hashtag event from may. But you can also find it at the main store … the wine and panties rezz when jumping on the pad and it contains three poses.


The other new addition to my ever growing inventory is this amazing new Bikini by Erratic … I always have been a big fan of the creations but this one I had to have for sure lol (my bestie calls me a bikini addict lololol). There are 12 single options of the “Kendall” bikini but when buying the fatpack you get 3 additional ones and they have a hud with changeable cristal option. Be sure to check it out …


Okay time for a glass of wine and some shade under the boat … Kisses Ivy

A pirate life for me

A pirate life for me

ah yes … I’m so excited … the new Pirates of the Caribbean is out and omg it looks amazing again. Can’t wait to see the movie and laugh again with Depp his Jack Sparrow.

It gave me an idea for this blog … so hargh open up a barrel of rhum and a pirates life it will be … Oh look there is skull rock!

Pose is by Sam Poses called “Remballage” and is an exclusive for the Avangarde fair starting june 1st … rezzable barrels with the pose inside.


and also new are these strappy boots by -KC- couture “Roxanne” that come with a 40 colors hud (changes also parts of the boots) You can find these at the main store or on marketplace.



The dress is an older one from before the mesh periode … (sounds ancient right now lol) B & H privateer dress (M) and fitted my maitreya still (with hiding certain parts of course)

Ho ho ho … see ya’ll next time matey’s

Kisses Ivy


Mera .jpg

Superheroes … I grew up with them. My parents always bought us the spiderman comics and then the virus hit me laughs … started to read more and more. swapped to other publishers to read aquaman, batman and spawn. Had every comic published by Crossgen and so on … So yes I was really addicted lol. So this blog goes about another strong side character. She will get a role in the aquaman movie next year … Mera

So what am I wearing today 🙂

First we start with the new -KC- couture “Oahu” swimsuit with two huds one for plain colors and one for patterns. You can also take off the sheer parts of the swimsuit. Also from -KC- are the boots called “Kirsten” that comes with an equal big collor hud (and they fit together ) Both boots and swimsuit are available at marketplace and the Main store…




The necklace and crown are from a gacha by Luas … The Astaroth Collar and crown gold… I found mine on marketplace (sadly don’t know if they are still in the main store)

And then the trident with lightning option is from Talivin’s Design


Bye bye all … time to chase Jason Mamoa giggles … oh right he plays aquaman for the ladies that want to know giggles and droollsssss

Kisses Ivy

Honey, look I can windsurf

See I can windsurf!!!!

Well … ermmm sort of windsurfing laughs …

This new pose is an exclusive for the June Round of the avangarde fair that starts the 1st … Sam poses called this amazing pose with parasol “Dutch summer” (Good name thou lol) and comes with a rezzable pad or as pose with props … See this and the other goodies here at the fair !


  • Hair : Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Eastern wind – Browns
  • Bikini : *Just BECAUSE* Olivia Bikini – Black
  • Mesh body : Maitreya Lara
  • Mesh head : Logo Alex

Till next time sweet followers … and let me see where this wind brings me … rofllll

Kisses Ivy

Join me to the dark side …

The force is strong

A lot of you know I love science fiction (and star wars certainly) so I grab every chance to place a blog in that style too laughs … A while ago I played this amazing gacha by Curemore “Star Gals” becausse I loved one of those chewie dolls … but I was lucky to get the Rare outfit from the dark side lol. Blogging this with an amazing pose by Come soon called “space vault” brings another scene to life … Wonders what my iconic sentence would be … “Luke I’m your mother” or “Rey I am your aunt”

So enjoying another episode in a galaxy far far away … kisses Ivy

The Rink

The rink

I so love second life becausse there are so many options to do … surfing, racing cars, jetskiing and even rollskating ❤

When Besom and Reign worked together on this outfit “Derby” I knew I wanted it and after playing a while (yes it was a gacha on the rewind fair that opened May 10th) I got my complete set inclusive the rare helmet and hair lol.


Sadly enough there aren’t many good roller rinks to find on the grid but found this one … RollerBalls. It is a club on an adult sim but build within a rink with flashy collors. It certainly looks good to take pictures for blogs! Placing the link below for others to enjoy!


Okay time to roll further … kisses Ivy

Rain of flowers …

Flower rain

I love nature … the more colors in it the better so for me spring is amazing … the flowers that bloom … the smell of fresh grass … I adore it. Today I got such a nice facial tattoo to blog from Waldorf design called “Pure heart” so I started to fantasize myself in the nature. You can get this tattoo at the main store or on marketplace (for every omega accepting head, Catwa and Lelutka)



I am also wearing the Boudoir “Enchanted Forest nimph” outfit and the Lode “Philadelphus [Light Pink]” headpiece. The hair is Miyako from argrace … (I love that store)

Pose is by the amazing Trisha Blinker from Lil’bug … it was the number 2 from their latest gacha “Daisy” that was at the gacha guardians of may.

Till next blog my ivorian followers … kisses Ivy

The weight of the world

Sadness bis

“Keep a light on those you love
They will be there when you die
Baby, there’s no need to fear
Baby, there’s no need to cry
Every little piece in your life will add up to one
Every little piece in your life – will it mean something to someone?
You fused my broken bones
Back together, then
Lift the weight of the world
From my shoulders again
Every little piece in your life will add up to one
Every little piece in your life – will it mean something to someone?
Every little piece in your life will add up to one
Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone
You touch my face God whispers in my ear
There are tears in my eyes
Love replaces fear
You touch my face God whispers in my ear
There are tears in my eyes
Love replaces fear
Every little piece in your life will add up to one
Every little piece in your life will mean something to someone
Every little piece in your life will add up to one
Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone” by editors
Sadness rullez my heart today … The events from manchester and the death of one of my childhood favorite actors weight on it … so in remembrance of the victims of the attack yesterday today I blog an emotional picture with a song of the editors “The weight of the world” as it rests on all our shoulders… No matter what religion, no matter what color of skin or language we speak! We all have to stand up against this evil that kills all society and everything humanity stands for … We are all children of mother earth and we need to be one race to evolve again…
Pose is by Lil’bug called “Me and my wine”  and is available at the main store and on marketplace …