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Superheroes … I grew up with them. My parents always bought us the spiderman comics and then the virus hit me laughs … started to read more and more. swapped to other publishers to read aquaman, batman and spawn. Had every comic published by Crossgen and so on … So yes I was really addicted lol. So this blog goes about another strong side character. She will get a role in the aquaman movie next year … Mera

So what am I wearing today 🙂

First we start with the new -KC- couture “Oahu” swimsuit with two huds one for plain colors and one for patterns. You can also take off the sheer parts of the swimsuit. Also from -KC- are the boots called “Kirsten” that comes with an equal big collor hud (and they fit together ) Both boots and swimsuit are available at marketplace and the Main store…

The necklace and crown are from a gacha by Luas … The Astaroth Collar and crown gold… I found mine on marketplace (sadly don’t know if they are still in the main store)

And then the trident with lightning option is from Talivin’s Design

Bye bye all … time to chase Jason Mamoa giggles … oh right he plays aquaman for the ladies that want to know giggles and droollsssss

Kisses Ivy

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