My dear deer …

My dear deer ...

Once upon a time there was a flower fearie with a lot of amazing friends … One of them was a hungry deer … So feeded him with some flowers…

Pose by Sam Poses called “Flower Girl” and is a couple pose with a child avi but took the liberty to use it on my own and a deer as co player lol. But the pose comes with rezzable pad and can be adjusted in height and the flowers can be dragged to the right spot. (They rezz once you’re on the pose) This pose and other wonderful cuties are available at the avenue starting august 1st.

Also new is this great “Hipster Deer Tattoo” that comes for signature, maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies and also all the omega applier using bodies. This amazing work comes from Waldorf design. and can be found at the main store and on Marketplace.

And last but not least the new tiptoe edition from “Kiya” feet juwelry is by -KC- couture and comes with the 50 part color hud and every part of the juwels are editable. You can wear them on the maitreya, belleza and slink feet and can be found at the main store and on marketplace (also a duopack with the kiya bare feet)

The bundle of both -KC- creations :

Time to cuddle up with my little deer friend … till next blog all !!!

Kisses Ivy

Love is all (Shine your light on me)

Cabaret Blanche

“Love is all
Love is all around you
Love is there in your laughter
In your hair
Love flows everywhere.

Love is old
Love is older than you
But the light shining through
Makes me see
Your love is all new.

Sha la la
Shine a light
Shine on me
Shine your light on me
Sha la la
Shine your light on me.

Love is all
Love will always be The Law
And higher love radiates on us all
On us all.” by Roxette 1994

One of my favorite bands is the swedish band Roxette … the first CD I ever bought was their “The look” and since then I always kept following them. One song always made me imagine being dancing sensual at a cabaret … So playing along and giving my vision a go in SL …

Wearing today is the new main store release “Essa v2” from facepalm … coming with a 10 color hud for the standard bodies and most of the mesh bodies.

Also new are these amazing fishnet boots by -KC-couture called “Naomi” with the 50 part color hud and 5 metals to choose from. Fitting the Slink, Maitreya and Belleza feet and available thru marketplace and at the main store…

The hat comes from RO and is from the Melancholy set called “Tophat – Frost”

And to close down the song witch started this image … enjoy and have a nice rest of the weekend!

Kisses Ivy


The Love Boat

The Love Boat

As a child of the 80’s and growing up with the best shows on television some will always stay in our minds … Shows like the A-team, The knightrider and of course for the romantical souls … “The Love Boat”

I always dreamt away wishing as a child I was on that boat also… visiting tropical locations enjoying some holiday loving hahaha … omg I miss that time. Things were so much brighter and simpel those days. Anyway on SL I have my own little love boat giggles … so time to set sail into the horizon with this amazing swimsuit by Black Rose Designs. This “Skye” bathing suit is their creation for the next “aloha fair”  starting tomorrow on July 28th (ending on aug 11th)

The bathing suit comes with a 10 colors hud and every color in three settings … so 30 options to have fun with it 🙂 You can wear this on the classic avatars, mesh avatars and then maitreya, belleza, Slink, TMP and Tonic bodies …

And for now come aboard and sing with us all …

“Love, exciting and new
Come Aboard. We’re expecting you.
And Love, life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats back to you.

Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.

And Love won’t hurt anymore
It’s an open smile on a friendly shore.




Prelude in pink

Prelude in pink

Time for a sexy pose right … This time my eye fell on a pose pack from Q-poses at the Lost & Found event from july 22th (runs until august 18th) … together with a few other cuties this is their contribution to the last Lost & Found … “Fabulous” excist out of 5 poses in one rezzable pad … easy to use and adjustable in height.

My outfit comes from the gacha at the epiphany from addams. The “Helene” dress, panties and medium boots are 3 common items. (Maybe even available on marketplace). The hair was the new VIP groupgift by Truth called “Tori”


Time to march on …

Break is over

And the saints go marchin in … sings … God I adore this outfit by =Zenith=!!! It took me a while to play the gacha but when I was at their main store I couldn’t let this pass by. and here I am fully clothed in the “magic orchestra” outfit with 2 rares (the hat and trumpet) and the rest are all commons … all fitting my maitreya as a glove 🙂 I got it in pink but there are also other colors available in the gacha so you need to get your ensemble together lol.

See you after the tour … Blows a kiss …



Aren’t you joining me?

Aren't you joining me darling

Ahhhh sometimes a break can do wonders … it recharges the batteries of life and make you ready to cope with what is on your way next. So the last days I was totaly into going out and after that seeing the comic con live feed … I know I know … I’m a geek laughs. But after this refreshing weekend back to business with this new swimsuit by .:Candied Violets:.

This swimsuit is available for the regular body and the maitreya, fitmesh, physique, Hourglass mesh bodies. “Seaside kini” excist out a top and bottom in pink, blue (the one I’m wearing) , yellow, red, purple and green. This is a main store release so you can find it at the store (with on the same sim the papermoon store.

Hair and hat are from eXxEsS called “Champagne A” Bought this one on marketplace and it is really worth its money… you got two huds one for the hat and one for the hair (all colors) and you get also the hair without hat.

Waves at Azu … darling can you bring me another bottle of wine? And join me please…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and till next blog… Kisses Ivy

Ready for your love …

Waiting for your love

It doesn’t always have to be a distant location to make a perfect picture … Sometimes it can be fun playing at your own house … finding that nice angle with the right pose while waiting for your beloved to come online with the music loud. So in this picture you can see a bit of my little me space in SL (my little witch house lol) Lucky for my followers you can’t hear me singing with this incredible tune laughs … but at least you can see the items I blogged today 😉

I’m wearing the new “Xia” dress from Facepalm coming with a 3 texture hud for the lace parts. You can wear this on the standard avatar or the maitreya, belleza, slink, TMP, Ebody and Tonic mesh bodies. This sexy outfit can be found at the main store …

Also new is my tattoo by Waldorf design. called “Rose Jam” that comes in 3 tones for all omega applier using mesh bodies, maitreya, belleza and Slink. This colorful rose tattoo is available at the main store and on marketplace.

And last but not least … I keep on mentioning this. Every month Truth gives out in their VIP group a new free hair as gift and this time it was “Tori” in all colors and with a stylist hud. You need to pay to go in this VIP group but the gifts make this insignificant becausse you get not double back but a hundred times back … Thank you Truth for amazing me every time again…

So and back to singing while being sexy for my husband … laughs… becausse indeed I’m always ready for his love. Till next blog all … kisses



Daisy Town 1866

Daisy Town 1806

Today I took a little blogging break and went to the epiphany  … and my eye fell on this cutie. The outfit from Belle epoque with the amazing name “El Paso” … So after my shopping break I made this picture for my sweet followers … Tomorrow back to business as usual but for now … Save a horse and ride a cowboy!!!

Landmark to the epiphany for when you want to check out the gachas:

Taps her hat … take care all

Incantations for love

Incantations for love

“I never knew a love
A love that could be sweeter
No matter what my mind says
Your music gives me fever
The moment that we danced
Your arms felt like a cradle
And when you took my hand
I was no longer able
It never felt so right before
I need to be with you much more
I can’t believe this kind of fate
We can runaway
Is it love?
I’m always in a spell
Even when I sleeping
You’re always on my mind
I hope that I’m not dreaming
If I am let me stay asleep
Don’t wake…”
Putting my spell on you with this amazing groundset by Paper moon … “Erzulie Freda Veve” comes with perfume, sweets, incense, jewelry, tarot cards, rose petals, silver items, her symbol, a prayer candle, and white candles.The flames of the candles can be turned off/on by touch!
The item says no mod, but that is because of the scripts. You can modify the object.

This great set is still available at the main store …

I’m wearing the Black Rose designs “Rosita” outfit that you can get in the main store. containing the skirt and top both with a 9 color hud (and 3 metals) for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies.

Pose is Le poppycock “Malediction” Apparition … I love this brand of poses. This was a gacha item but be sure to check out the store for more amazing poses male and female.

Bewitched by this amazing iio tune I’ll leave you … kisses the pink witch!


I salute you …

I salute you ...

Yesterday was the last day again of the hair fair … sob sob … but at least I found this gorgious new hair with cap from emotions! So as a sort of last minute buy it can count right laughs … It is called “Dessia” and you can also wear it without the cap (and has for both options also a busty version for the ladies that nature provided more giggles) The rest of the outfit is from a gacha by =Zenith= with the name “secret agent” You can still find the gacha at their main store (only maitreya) And for now … “I salute you hair fair” till the next round …

Kisses Ivy