Ready to take the world

Ready to take the world

The only thing I need is my guitar and on we go … traveling and singing everywhere.

New store release by Q-poses called “Chasing my dreams” includes guitar (rezzes while using the posepad)

New -kc- couture “Pamela” heels available at the main store and on marketplace

Tattoo is by waldorf design. “Ciara mandala” comes in 2 options (75 and 100 %) for every omega applier using mesh body.

and dress is by Evani called “Chloe” Milk version for maitreya, Hourglass and slink

Kisses and till next blog all …



Come Furinha let us make a selfie quickly … and grawl to the camera … make it bad ass!!!

New pose called “selfie” by Q-poses available at the main store. Comes with a pad you need to rezz and once on it the camera rezzes in place. Enjoy!!!

Purrssss and kisses … Ivy

A moment of peace

A moment of peace

In a world where ego’s and stupidity rules war is never far behind … Sadly enough it aren’t the ones causing it that get hurt but the normal people. And more important the environment and nature that get destroyed by bombs and other insane inventions made by mankind … So let us hope that one day the world changes and that mankind start to find leaders that do care about us and the world we live in …

Using for this picture an incredible cute single pose by Q-poses. This 6 in 1 posing tree is called “My lovely tree” and has to be rezzed before you can jump on it and get the menu. As told 6 amazing poses and also adjustable in height thru the same menu to make it fit your avi. It is a new store release so jump the link below to get your version 🙂

Wearing today: -DRD- ww2 helmet, Brutal weapons [desert Eagles], !gO! Pocket Pants Girl, !gO! Tank top, .: ROHINI :. 1NNOVAT1ON Boots, maitreya Lara 4.1 and [LeLutka]-SIENNA hair

Prep time

Prep time

Oh yes … preparing for a hot night with my partner. And after a nice refreshing bath I slipped into this new sexy outfit by Facepalm. “Hey Baby” comes with an 8 textures hud for the babydoll and a 2 part hud for the panties. You can find this hotness at the main store and it can be worn on the maitreya, belleza, slink and TMP mesh bodies…

The background is from a gacha by astralia called “Blown by wind” … this is the rare “Cute Bubbles”

See you all next time … kisses Ivy

The next morning

The next morning

Scenery by Come Soon called “Day after” and includes full pose with scene, pose, newspaper and cup… Available thru marketplace and at the main store.

I’m wearing the new -KC- couture heels “Talea” with as usual the impressive big collor hud and the option to change also partly your shoe. Available at marketplace 🙂

and the satin robe is by erratic called “allure” Crimson and available at the main store

My brother regi is wearing (not much lol) the  No. Sleep SHORTS (DROPME)

Thank you bro for lending me yourself laughs … and till next blog all

Shopping spree

Day of shopping

And shopping is something on SL is easy to do … laughs. But tomorrow is the last day of this round of the Cosmopolitan so the last chance to get this amazing pose by Q-poses!

“Shopaholics” comes as a rezzable pad to jump on together with your friend and is adjustable in height thru menu. Bags are not included!

Thank you bestie for doing this pose with me … kisses. For the fashion lovers I’m wearing the Blueberry – Penny dress black, the -KC- couture Adel heels, Truth hair – Louisa and the bags are from [since 1975]

Okay bestie I grabbed azu his credit card … so back to shopping we go … wohooooooo mama needs some new shoes !

Fantasy is never far away …

Fantasy is never far away ...

Certainly not with this cute pose by Come Soon … This “Winter is comming” is another of the 24 free gifts that you can get at the store. Tomorrow the last one will be revealed so be sure to step by and look witch one you want 🙂

This one has also a full scenery inside the box but wanted to use my own sim as background (it is a little early for winter right lol). The eagle is also inclusive …

My outfit is FDD GS “Cirilla” brown

Big kisses Ivy

Let us sing together …

Sing for me ... little friend

What a nice way to have a picknick … enjoying the sun and the soft summer breeze when suddenly a little bird joined me on my guitar singing loudly.

So the end of august is coming near and with that the end of the holidays and also the end of this round of the Square 1 event. On that event this amazing pose is an exclusive by the Sam Poses brand. Who doesn’t want to sing together with the birds right laughs … So hurry and go see this one and other amazing poses and stuff at the event.

And if you want more of these amazing poses go see the main store and if you’re lucky you can see the dog named Sam walk around the store giggles …

Kisses and wish everyone some fine last holiday times …


Happiness is …


Having a brunch in Paris with my buddy … laughs. Anyway I was happy with these amazing gifts … This cute pose called “brunch” by Come Soon is one of the 24 gifts you can get at the store … couple and single poses for 24 days on a row … so be sure to check them out.

This nice dress I’m wearing is the “Thank you” gift by Erratic and can be found at the mainstore. You just need to wear your grouptag and click it … It has an 12 collor hud and is for the maitreya only.

Some days you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have something nice in Second life … So with this blog I thank both Come Soon and Erratic for the gifts and wish them a lot more years of creating magic for us … Luv ya!!!

Kisses Ivy