Windows of our soul

Windows of our soul

I love eyes … you can read so much in them. Every emotion is as a book inside of them… so many collors. Eyes really are the window to a person his soul.

In the meanwhile the sanarea fair opened its doors and I found some amazing nailpolish there. Plastik created for that fair a lot of stuff but today I blog “:[P]:- Nailpolishes – Sanaly” for them coming with a maitreya, slink and omega hud (10 textures)

flagship store from plastik:

The pose is by FOXCITY. the “Made Up Bento Pose Set ” inclusive make up set. I found this one at the limit 8 fair …

Rest of credits are :

  • **RE** Luxy Rings Set 1.3 (found on MP)
  • Truth VIP hair “Zoya” (groupgift)
  • Logo “Alex” mesh head
  • Maitreya “Lara” mesh body 4.1
  • Izzie’s – LOGO Alex Make-Up Appliers (lipstick)

Kisses and till next blog


A little paradise

A little paradise

This spot among the flowers is just amazing … so colorful and beautiful. This is a really nice spot to relax alone or with your partner. And for us bloggers also a nice spot to take pictures. For tropical beach pictures I recommend this sim for sure. Foxland …

Wearing this new store release from .:LG:. called “Lexi” was really helping the mood here … like an angel in paradise. Comes with an applier for the panties and fits the maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies.

20 % groupsdiscount inworld!

also new were these boots by -KC- couture. “Luna” is a new store release for the maitreya, belleza, Tonic and slink mesh feet. As always with the large texture hud to change partly or your boots completely in the color you like!



Kisses and till next blog all ❤


Sunday health

The weight of the world

Tsss those weeks fly by fast… before you know it sunday is there. So Time to relax at the local gym right … Lifting some curls and running after that so that my body can stay in shape.

So today I have for you a new tattoo from Waldorf design. This full body “Nasty Naughty” tattoo is unisex, comes in 3 densities and has a male and female hud for all omega applier using mesh bodies. You can find this piece of art on Marketplace and at the main store…

And then I have this cute sportwear from Pacagaia … This is a VIP groupgift from september. Every month they offer 4 gifts for the people that are in that group. So this “Sian” sports bra and undies come in 6 colors (thru hud) and can be worn on maitreya, belleza, TMP and slink mesh bodies. See the store for more info about the VIP group!

Humpffffff okay … time to lift further … bye bye all

kisses ivy

Catseye …

Cats play

Aren’t they sweet … playing with eachother or with a little toy… drawing our attention with their mews … I so love cats … so when I wanted to blog this sweater I knew it was going to be with a lot of them  ❤


The new .:Candied Violets :.  creation “CATicature Sweatshirt: Blue” is a sight for the eye … you can choose between 5 colors and they have 2 versions of shirt included and 1 sweater. You can get this amazing creation at the main store or thru marketplace … Fitting the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies.

As pants for this I went for a Blueberry “Grace Pants – Denim – White” that come with boots included (also a version without) available at marketplace or at the main store.

The sweet pose with cats is from Luanes World. There is a male and female pose included in the box of this “Cats are like music” and you can purchase this also on MP or at the main store…

Kisses all and till next blog for a little workout …


Your soul is mine

Your soul is mine ...

Halloween season is creeping closer again … and some shops are unleashing their magic to bring us some wonderful new items. One of them is my new sponsor :[plastik]: and they released for the lootbox september round an incredible gacha called “Traveling Potions” so I took the liberty to do some magic on my own with their items and unleash this poor persons soul … So what is from that gacha …

we have the common : :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Herbs – Berry, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Herbs – Spice, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Mortar and Pestle Gold, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Satchel – Noir and :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Satchel – Skin. From these items there are more versions (see picture at the end for the full gacha list).

then we have the rares from this gacha : :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Goblet RARE, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Potion Maker Case RARE and the :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Syringe RARE

Everything is on the ground next to me and my pet frog 🙂 and you can find this at the :[plastik]: booth at the lootbox fair (see link below).

Also new is this skirt by +Facepalm+ called “Raven” for the maitreya belleza and slink mesh bodies only. comes with a 3 texture hud.

Pose (including broom) is from Sam poses called “Delight witch”  for 3 persons comes with cauldron and skeleton.

Links to the main stores:



sam poses

Wish you all a spooky fall time … enjoy and till next blog



Rebel Yell

Born To be wild II

Time for some music blogging again … This time we go all rebellious with Billy Idols “Rebel Yell” So fitting for me becausse I always have had a rebel heart … I don’t like walking the same direction as all people do … for me everyone is unique and not a chain puppet production. Using today …

  • :::Phoenix::: Jessica Hair Black/Whites (comes with cap inclusive huds for hair and cap) This amazing store sells this Jessica hair and a lot other beautiful ones on marketplace or inworld. The cap is also available without hair  for the ones that look for it…
  • [hh] Lara Knotted Tee (bought on marketplace)
  • -KC- WILLA ANKLE BOOTS for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh feet
  • [White~Widow] SnakeEyes – MeshBody Appliers
  • Motor and pose by Come Soon called “Queen of streets”
  • Isabel Spiked Pants (wasn’t for mesh bodies but for my maitreya it fitted as a glove)

So now let me take you back to 1983 … and sing with me … “becausse in the midnight hour she cries … more more more … with a rebel yell … more more more!!!”

Waves and blows a naughty kiss


The invitation

The invitation

I love to seduce my partner… a glass of wine, some nice music, hot clothes … so many options to bring in some spice. This time I took the liberty to use a male pose by Come soon  and as you see it works for me also giggles … The pose called “French breakfast” comes as a complete scene and towel. You can find this at the main store or thru marketplace. Be sure to check out the other amazing stuff for single or couples (even some poses for 3 or more people)

And for this pose I couldn’t help to show a little more … 😉 So the new Black Rose designs “Jayma” was the perfect outfit to show off with. This is a promo item, on sale on Marketplace and in world for 99L. Mesh Sizes include: Slink Physique & Hourglass, Maitreya & TMP. Links below …

main store:

Till next time all and spread the love around… Kisses


Sending you my love …

Sending my Love

A house at the seaside … hearing the waves while waking up. That must be so nice! It is certainly in SL where it is always sunny laughs. So I grabbed the chance to use this sweet location as background for my blog.

Pose by :LW: Poses called “The heart – female pose” that you can find on marketplace or visit the main store (and wonderful sim around it)

Something new are the NAYELI LEG BANDS for maitreya, slink, belleza and Tonic mesh body. This new -KC- couture marketplace creation is amazing … it comes (just as with the other products) with an impressive texture pallet for every part of the leg band.

The hair is from +elua+’s latest gacha Lakia “Cafe Color pack” and my robe is from “Tres Blah” and called  “Love Fade Robe – Rosey”

Till next time … and enjoy the last summer days … (Darn autumn is on its way fast now)

Kisses Ivy

Get some attitude

Got some attitude

Time for a badass attitude with the new “Cianna” dress from Black Rose Designs. This amazing dress comes with an 18 texture hud and 9 collors laces. You can wear this on the maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies … It is available as an exclusive at the XXX event that started september 15 th and runs till october 5th ❤

Glasses and boots are both from -KC- couture and available at the main store. The VOGUE FEMALE SUNGLASSES come with an amazing hud to change your classes to fit them all outfits. The boots are called “Crystal”.

Pose by Q-poses called “attitude” available at the on9 event throughout September.

Kisses all and till next blog

Dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight

How to spend a night without your lover and partner in crime… oh haha I know how! Dancing and having a little party on my own with drinks candy and a lot of good music! So I closed the curtains … and suddenly “Dancing in the moonlight” from Toploader is playing. OMG what an wonderful tune… You can’t just sit with that kind of music ❤

And I started to sway my hips on the tunes dressed in nothing more then this cute new dress by .:LG:. called [Livia]. It kind of fills the mood for an all sexy night on my own … This short sexy dress comes with a texture hud for 10 textures and is a store release so be sure to get there and enjoy also the other nice clothes.

Dances the night away … and says bye on the tunes of Pink … “just you and your hand tonight” laughs … night night