Nature is life …

Nature is life ...

To bad some people always forget that without trees we can not breath … that everything is connected in one big circle of life. Even the smallest creature has its purpose … (yes even the ugly creepy eight legged spiders lol) Sometimes I wished I could be a magical faerie so that when I waves with my staff plants grow back … I will always be on the frontline to help organisations that want to prevail our habitat ❤ Greenpeace, WWF and localy Gaia … you guys are my real life heroes!!!

Wearing today is the new tattoo by L.c Tattoo with the nice “Butterfly dream” name … available at the main store and on Marketplace. My outfit is from the latest gacha event “The arcade”. Apple May design brought us “Monarch” and I’m wearing the Green skirt and Corset from them. Try your luck and be amazed by the outfit (with butterflies on the front lol)… Links to L.c Tattoo and the arcade below !

L.c :

The arcade :

Till next time …

Kisses Ivy

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