Your soul is mine

Your soul is mine ...

Halloween season is creeping closer again … and some shops are unleashing their magic to bring us some wonderful new items. One of them is my new sponsor :[plastik]: and they released for the lootbox september round an incredible gacha called “Traveling Potions” so I took the liberty to do some magic on my own with their items and unleash this poor persons soul … So what is from that gacha …

we have the common : :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Herbs – Berry, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Herbs – Spice, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Mortar and Pestle Gold, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Satchel – Noir and :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Satchel – Skin. From these items there are more versions (see picture at the end for the full gacha list).

then we have the rares from this gacha : :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Goblet RARE, :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Potion Maker Case RARE and the :[P]:- Traveling Potions:// Syringe RARE

Everything is on the ground next to me and my pet frog 🙂 and you can find this at the :[plastik]: booth at the lootbox fair (see link below).

Also new is this skirt by +Facepalm+ called “Raven” for the maitreya belleza and slink mesh bodies only. comes with a 3 texture hud.

Pose (including broom) is from Sam poses called “Delight witch”  for 3 persons comes with cauldron and skeleton.

Links to the main stores:



sam poses

Wish you all a spooky fall time … enjoy and till next blog



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