Catseye …

Cats play

Aren’t they sweet … playing with eachother or with a little toy… drawing our attention with their mews … I so love cats … so when I wanted to blog this sweater I knew it was going to be with a lot of them  ❤


The new .:Candied Violets :.  creation “CATicature Sweatshirt: Blue” is a sight for the eye … you can choose between 5 colors and they have 2 versions of shirt included and 1 sweater. You can get this amazing creation at the main store or thru marketplace … Fitting the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies.

As pants for this I went for a Blueberry “Grace Pants – Denim – White” that come with boots included (also a version without) available at marketplace or at the main store.

The sweet pose with cats is from Luanes World. There is a male and female pose included in the box of this “Cats are like music” and you can purchase this also on MP or at the main store…

Kisses all and till next blog for a little workout …


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