Sunday health

The weight of the world

Tsss those weeks fly by fast… before you know it sunday is there. So Time to relax at the local gym right … Lifting some curls and running after that so that my body can stay in shape.

So today I have for you a new tattoo from Waldorf design. This full body “Nasty Naughty” tattoo is unisex, comes in 3 densities and has a male and female hud for all omega applier using mesh bodies. You can find this piece of art on Marketplace and at the main store…

And then I have this cute sportwear from Pacagaia … This is a VIP groupgift from september. Every month they offer 4 gifts for the people that are in that group. So this “Sian” sports bra and undies come in 6 colors (thru hud) and can be worn on maitreya, belleza, TMP and slink mesh bodies. See the store for more info about the VIP group!

Humpffffff okay … time to lift further … bye bye all

kisses ivy

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