Deskjobs can be fun too …


Wonderful and sexy bento pose “Toy” by “Reve Obscura” and outfit “Desiree lingerie” by Ricielli (one of the gifts from the Halloween hunt at the store) Makes every office job a lot easier right 😉

Mainstore Reve Obscura:

Mainstore Ricielli:

Sexy hugs and have a nice halloween night …

Kickstart my broom

Kickstart my broom

Just as a regular car my broom has its hickups when the first cold arrives … so I putted on some warmer clothes that it stays warm when I sit on it to fly to the witch meeting at Salem.

Wearing :

The “!gO! Glenda – RARE2” is from the gacha with the same name at the running Shiny Shabby event. It includes the hat and broom also together with the top socks and pants!

The pose is by Purple poses “Broom pack 1” available at marketplace …

And last but not least the tattoo is by my niece Leonie from L.c. tattoo and is called “Mandolon” for every omega applier using mesh body. Comes in 4 texture hardness choices and is available at the main store …

Hugs and some twinklenose magic …



Black widow

Black widow

Time to step again in some superhero shoes with this nice pose by Q-poses called “Rogue agent” You get also the mirrored version of the pose and the gun rezzes when you step on the pad. This pose is available at the main store and thru marketplace… A nice way to be your own secret agent or as in my case being one of the avengers ❤

Kisses and till next week



The sweetest sin

The sweetest sin

Leather always has some attraction level don’t you think … certainly in a harness or panties. So this time I got to blog a nice item from #Crancked# called “Azour shorts” coming with a nice texture hud … This  is a NEW store release!

Also new is the wonderful Waldorf Design. “Ouija Board Tattoo”  that you can use on every omega applier using mesh body (also a seperate signature hud) You can get this cutie at marketplace or the main store ❤

I combined both items  with :

Thanks for joining me on this sunday and till next blog …

Hugs Ivy

The Hotel

At the hotel

Tonight was a slow night in SL so I took the liberty to do some shopping on my own … It brought me to limit 8 … a monthly event with some items that are limited so not everyone has them. But most creators also have some other items for sale like this backdrop from Paparazzi called “The Brownstone Hotel Stoop”… Certainly a nice addition to my collection of backdrops laughs

And another thing I did tonight was the yearly pumpkin hunt at Ricielli … this store creates nice clothes and I loved getting their prizes like this dress I am wearing (not the fur jacket that one is from Birdy)… 20 prizes for mesh bodies are hidden throughout the store (look for baskets)

KIsses and have a nice sunday


The murder

The murder

Oh I love backdrops and one of the stores that makes wonderful ones like the one I am using is astralia. This one can be found on the epiphany and is a common of the “Horrorfest backdrops” gacha. “Bloody shower” comes with pose inside so just jump on it… Also at the epiphany is “Dead Dollz” with their fright night gacha … the sweater I have on is a common from that gacha called “Bad Dream (after)”

The face tattoo and body tattoo are both by “Waldorf Design.” called “Punished” You can find these at the main store or thru marketplace.

and last but not least those amazing -KC- couture boots. These “Hellion -Demon tail” can be found at the main store and on marketplace and come with the awesome collor and texture hud as usual … so you can make them fit almost every outfit you have!

Kisses Ivy (psssst don’t call the cops … I didn’t do it … Muahahahaha)

Paddo time

Paddo time ...

Just out of love for the outfit by Foxes … wearing their Spooky outfit from the recent round of “The epiphany” It exist out of the commons “Jacket denim black”, “Sweater bat”, “Shoes white” and “Shorts white”

The hair is by Nutmeg & Entwined. with the name “Cameron / Variety” with two huds (one for the headphone and one for the hair)

Till next time … kisses ivy

Rise of darkness

the dark rises 2

“Some powers should never be unleashed … but after she got beat up by some school bullies the teenage witch had suffered enough … She snuck into an old cabine in the woods with the necronomicon book and performed some of the blackest spells the world has ever seen … Beware the people that will stand in her way now … Darkness has a new name … Red dawn has rises!”

Oh my we have a lot to name in this picture giggles … Let us start with the face tattoo that is a new store release by Waldorf design called “Living dead” useable on every omega applier using mesh head. You can find this at the main store and on marketplace!

And then we head over to my outfit … The “Nina” Push up top and Leggings are both new store releases by EmilyC coming with nice texture huds for the maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies. you can find these sets at the main store or thru marketplace…

and then last but not least is this incredible gacha by Plastik … omg I so loved that one so I used a lot of the items from it … The “October Gothic” gacha can be found at the Epiphany october round. So what did I use:

  •  :[P]:- Beche Cup:// Pekoe
  • :[P]:- Kixi Bottle:// Bare
  • :[P]:- Boora Light:// Gold
  • :[P]:- Daina Shelf:// Gold
  • :[P]:- Hisle Decor:// Gold
  • :[P]:- Carcine Lamp:// Gold
  • :[P]:- Sethra Coffee Table:// Gold RARE
  • :[P]:- Skutris Frame:// Gold
  • :[P]:- Moone Rug
  • :[P]:- Spook Table:// Gold

October Gatcha MAIN

to finish up the pose I used is by *!R.O!* Necromancer a bento Pose coming with Mesh Wand, Skull, Book and Bones.

Have a spooky one all … ghostly kisses

Ivory (Red dawn)


Someone has been a naughty boy …

Somebody has been a naughty boy

Another wonderful creation from Black Rose Designs is this “dark angel” outfit that is one of the 3 angel outfits available at “The Darkness Chamber” fair (the others are evil and fantasy angel) that is still running until november 1st. So be sure to check out the fair and release the darkness in ourselves. The outfit are the boots, skirt, top and arm straps for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies…

rest of my outfit are…

  • [CV] – Nipple Cover [01]
  • [Since1975]-Garter’s (SilverGun) RARE
  • {f} Bullwhip v1.2
  • Truth hair Gaea

Let naughtiness rule … kisses