Dead enough for life

Honey, I'm homeeee ...

Back to the creepy pictures … another picture taken at Ironwood Hills. This time the mansion was our place for being a homesick zombie laughs … We always return home dead or not lol …

“If I could reach through
Catch you
Make you understand
If I’m not dead enough for life
Am I alive enough for death?” by Icon of Coil

wearing :

  • Wicca’s Wardrobe – Rosemary [White/White] found this cute dress on MP
  • *Epic* Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers {Bloody White} also found on MP
  • But most important are these amazing horns from Plastik. The “:[P]:- Keep Horns:// Bone” come with an amazing 35 part texture hud. and you got 4 ways of horns (I’m wearing the backwards) being backwards, cute , straight and bent. You can get these horns at the Salem fair till the end of october. Make this halloween yours!!!

I’m giving you a close up of the horns as extra and the landmark to the plastik main store for more spooky gadgets 😉

Horns close up

and last but not least the amazing song by Icon of Coil …

Creepy huggles …


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