Make my day!

Make my day

Today an apocalyptic picture … becausse lately I have the feeling we’re heading towards a nuclear war with some of those hot headed morrons as leaders… They always forget it isn’t only the war that will be hard but also the effects afterwards… Rebuilds will be needed everywhere, fresh food for the survivors will probably be all radioactiv becausse every peace of earth will be contaminated. Is that the world they want to rule? Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to stand up as one race all over the world and put all those so called leaders on the first rocket to the moon. We’re people of planet earth … nothing more or less …

Wearing today:

  • #Cranked#- Shiny Jessica Cropped hoodie … Is a new store release (also a not shiny version with the same name) As always this bad ass store creates clothes that are that little more edgy then other witch I love so much ❤ It always brings out the bitch in me lol. It has an 14 textures big hud and can be worn on maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies!
  • -KC- couture JUNA BOOTS for the MAITREYA BELLEZA SLINK & TONIC bodies is also available at the store
  • :::insanya::: Anya Skirt is a little sexy skirt I used a few times already… fits my maitreya as a glove with a nice texture hud for skirt and panties 😉
  • pr!tty – Secret – {Basics} -Medium Roots-  is my hair for today … love the windy details in it …
  • Wicca’s Wardrobe – Kedja Bellychain is a gacha item

Pose is by {.:exposeur:.} called “Mean Machine” is a packedge of 5 single female poses with bat.

See you all next time …

kisses ivy

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