The murder

The murder

Oh I love backdrops and one of the stores that makes wonderful ones like the one I am using is astralia. This one can be found on the epiphany and is a common of the “Horrorfest backdrops” gacha. “Bloody shower” comes with pose inside so just jump on it… Also at the epiphany is “Dead Dollz” with their fright night gacha … the sweater I have on is a common from that gacha called “Bad Dream (after)”

The face tattoo and body tattoo are both by “Waldorf Design.” called “Punished” You can find these at the main store or thru marketplace.

and last but not least those amazing -KC- couture boots. These “Hellion -Demon tail” can be found at the main store and on marketplace and come with the awesome collor and texture hud as usual … so you can make them fit almost every outfit you have!

Kisses Ivy (psssst don’t call the cops … I didn’t do it … Muahahahaha)

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