Silent assault

Silent Killer II

Sometimes the urge to buy something gets to high laughs … so when I was walking at this months Uber I just had to buy this amazing outfit from Candydoll ❤ Their Anya Pants and Shirt are simply to adorable and bring me so many idea’s about how to use them… One of those was as a Ninja sometimes called the silent killers … The pose is by Reve Obscura called “Ninja” (of course … and obvious right) and come with a mesh kitana and shurikens.

TP to uber …

Sneak attack to Reve obscura…

as last I finished this outfit by adding the -KC- couture “Dania” ballet flats and made them white with the incredible texture hud included. You can find these on marketplace and the main store.

Till next time all

Kisses Ivy

The lost adventures of the airship pirates

Flight of the Strato-Mobilis

“Fires high and the airbags tight,
Foods low but the skies are bright
Props spinning all through the night,
We’re low on cash but we’ve seen another target

Goggles down, and the cannons up
My blood starts pumping as I drain my cup
I give the wheel a spin and I turn this girl around,
We’re way above ground but we’re closing on our target!

Flying Jib is filled with air
East India ships filled with despair,
We even up, her broadsides bare
Our cannons flair but it’s just a show of muscle

Steady on, she doesn’t need to burn
She tries to flee, and she tries to turn
Grappling fire, we grab her hull
We’re starting to roll, but we’ve got her on a leash!

With a crew of drunken pilots, we’re the only Airship Pirates!
We’re full of hot air and we’re starting to rise
We’re the terror of the skies, but a danger to ourselves” by Abney Park

Two wonderful steampunk items from the amazing “The Plastik” brand is what I brought to you matey’s … The crew of the airship placed me a new chair … The “Aero Fourti Chair:// Pilot” is one of the three versions that excist of this amazing chair with 21 poses!!!  adjustable thru menu in hight … You can get this goodie at the november round of “Rewind” with the 40’s Pinup theme ❤

And the second item is the one on my nose … yes those superb goggles!!! The “Stellis Goggles” come with one of the biggest huds I ever have seen for goggles on SL … First of all you get three versions of them and every version works with the texture hud (40 goggles textures and 35 lenses ) So you can make it fit your own outfit ❤ This item is an exclusive at the Remnant Dark days fair … take the airwave below 🙂

Strato close up

The rest of the outfit excist from these items …

  • Available at the main store and on marketplace
  • Foxes – Urban Fallout – Bikini and jacket (gacha items)
  • Yasum*MESH*Steampunk Hat*UNISEX*Mega Hud controled
  • [LeLutka & Celoe]-Alice Hair
  • Zaara [Goa party] : Baga nosering (gacha item)
  • Blueberry – Poppy Leggings – Black
  • **JPK Steampunk Winged Clock Necklace

Thank you all for following me on this steampunk adventure … till next time 🙂


Rule Brittania

Rule Brittania

Just a blog for the love of it today … laughs… When I spotted this spitfire with flag I knew it had to be mine roflll … So what is in the picture

  • [ContraptioN] Decor: Pin-Up Spitfire Prop
  • .miss chelsea. Mila Jacket & Dress Mocha
  • ::ROC:: Combat Boots (FEMALE)
  • .:EMO-tions.. *DESSIA* -BLONDE

The plane also has an second version without flag but with the same poses inside. The item can be found at the current “Rewind” event all about the 40’s

Kisses and till tomorrow


Seducing you

Seducing you ...

“Night time slows, raindrops splash rainbows
Perhaps someone you know, could sparkle and shine
As daydreams slide to colour from shadow
Picture the moonglow, that dazzles my eyes
And I love you

Just lying smiling in the dark
Shooting stars around your heart
Dreams come bouncing in your head
Pure and simple every time
Now you’re crying in your sleep
I wish you’d never learnt to weep
Don’t sell the dreams you should be keeping
Pure and simple every time” by Marsheaux 2004

Oh yes seducing you was the best thing I could ever do … after being married for 6 years I’m still so blessed knowing you and having you by my side. So this blog is specially for you my love Azula Xomotron … Just becausse you’re my dream come true, my guide in dark days, my partner in crime and all the best there is … Just Pure and simple! And mine forever and a day ❤

Pose “Temptation” by the talented Rood Adamczyk from Samposes. Comes with a rezzable pad and once on it you can chose the pose or the mirrored version. Is adjustable thru menu and can be obtained at the main store …

Wearing also the new marketplace release by -KC- couture … these “Yaiza” anklets are simply a must have and can be used with every outfit due to the wonderful big colorhud that allows you to change every part of the item.

and last but not least … it was black friday so time to shop right … and I went to “Tabou” and found this amazing “Briteny” BF shirt white and lingerie Black. They were sexy as hell so I couldn’t let them hang in the store right laughs …

Okay that wraps it up for today… until next blog all (and for questions or remarks IM me inworld or write it underneath the blog)

kisses ivy

OMG Look bestie isn’t that Manu Bennett?

Omg ... look isn't that Manu Bennett

Hehehe … for the people wondering who that is I placed a video underneath the blog … but he is one of my crushes lol … Crixus from Spartacus himself or deathstroke in the arrow series and plays also in the Shanara Chronicals.

Pose is by the wonderful Q-poses brand called “My Moods” and is one of the three poses included. Comes as a rezzable pad and can be found at the main store.

The gorgious black dress is by Black Rose Designs and is an exclusive for the “Autumn frost fair 2017” that runs until december 6th. The “Juniper” dress comes with a 10 part texture hud and can be worn on the regular avi and the TMP, maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. A nice addition to any closet and to steal the guy away winks … But not Manu … he is mine lol ❤

Big hugs and wishing you all a nice weekend …



It takes courage …

Breast awareness

Some men love them big, some rather small… We use them to feed our children … We love to show off with the new bikini at the beach thanks to them. You can squeeze, bounce wiggle them … Ah yes our breasts ladies are a part of our pride as a woman and still they are also so vulnerable. Every year thousends of us get diagnosted with breast cancer. We probably all have had friends or family that suffered becausse of that illness… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the fight against cancer could be won even before the sickness ravishes lives of loved ones.

A few years already Serious 2nd life is doing an event to raise awareness and raise lindens for the cause (donations go to the KWF) One of the sponsors that offer items for that cause is .:LG:.  and you can buy those at club Bash and the Amsterdam sim.

For more info see the link below

kisses Ivy

Ice Paradise

Ice Paradise

Hmmm Ice … so tasteful and wonderful. This is by far my favorite dessert and when it is italian Ice well … I think I start drooling as soon as i get it lol. Als those wonderful pastel colors and then finished off with some chocolat sause or sprinklers. Simply heaven on earth!

Blogging the wonderful gacha items from Paper Moon. Join the “Ice Cream party!” with  4 different color themed sets: Black & White, Pastel, Bright, and Rainbow! The gacha excist out of  20 items: 4 Rares and 16 commons with the cakes being the RAREs. Each set has a Backdrop, Treat Bag, Lantern, Banner and Cake. The Candy Fair runs until December 1st and after that it moves to the main store.

My dress is the october vip groupgift “Gigi dress” by Pacagaia at their main store.

Ready for another icecream … see ya


Cute attention

Cute attention

Awwww isn’t he adorable … showing his love with a rose. I so love animals … dogs, birds, cats … name it and I probably have it inworld laughs … even unicorns.

Blogging today:

Scenery is by Astrallia called “Pin up life backgrounds (Martini)” This is also a gacha item… and the cute dog is by Mutresse the “Gentleman-Dalmatian Puppies”

Big hugs and till next blog …


Song of the seas

Queen of the seas

“A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Africa and Asia. The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings. In other folk traditions (or sometimes within the same tradition), they can be benevolent or beneficent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans.”

Some stories say they have magical voices luring the men with their songs … so that is the version I’ll bring in my blog … the underwater seductress ❤

Wearing the amazing new body and head tattoo from waldorf design that you can find at the 4mesh event that started november 12 th and runs until december 11th. This tattoo is also available in green,purple, blue and yellow! Wearable on all the omega applier using mesh bodies.

Also wearing :

  • ~Tableau Vivant~ Mermaid headdress – Pink and teal
  • TRUTH HAIR HoneyAna [+Chest]
  • #EMPIRE – Beach Day – Bikini Top – Mermaid
  • !dM deviousMind “Erielle” **RAINBOW** (BOX) – RARE

Thanks and till next time


Don’t let me go


Sometimes I really do like the romantical settings and scenery that you can have in Second life … They can add to the story and enlight your senses in ways the mind can’t comprehend. So when I got the new Scene with 5 amazingly hot poses from Lil’bug I couldn’t even chose from them … but at the end this one is my favorite. The candles and dark scene makes this so erotic in a way. Added the song “Don’t let me go” by Rovigo on the background and omg I’m in for anything azu wants laughs… ❤

As told the scene “Dark Corner” comes as a rezzable prop and once on it you can chose between the poses and adjust them to fit your body. It can be found as an exclusive on the Hashtag event november round …

Hmmm time to be seduced more …

Till next blog all …