2067 AD

2067 AD

I love fantasy fairs so today I visited the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that opend nevember 7th. And after walking around it I saw this great apocalyptic outfit by !gO! named “2067” and I was afraid it would cost me a lot haha but I was lucky and after only one spin I’ve got this amazing rare 2 (from the 3 rare outfits in it) It is a really complete outfit with mesh metalic feet and two kind of helmets once with hair or one without … If you love this theme then this outfit rocks for sure!

And it seems my luck wasn’t done with one time … becausse next gacha I played was the Poseidon pose store gacha “Post apox” and once again after the first try I got this rare tank with 16 poses (8 different once and their mirror versions) and rocketlauncher included… So these two lucky strikes together made me think about this awesome picture making me feel like “Tank girl” from the comics with the same name ❤

And as a good poker player I know when to stop so after those two lucky shots I went home but for the people wanting to try their own luck and visit the fantasy gacha carnival … follow the link underneath …


Good luck you all and till next blog …


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