The red shirt always dies first …

The red shirt always dies first ...

Oh I’m a big Star Trek fan and have all the series and movies at home … but when I remember the first season with spock and kirk (not the reinvented ones) there was something strange. I always had fun with the people in the red outfits … becausse every episode one died lol … it was like a given that the red shirt wearing officer was bound to meet his maker laughs … So as an ode to the original series and with respect to all the creators that worked on this amazing star trek univers I offer you my picture. Thank you brother to help me with the pose …

Pose is by Sam Poses called “Blood thirst” and can be found at the main store or at marketplace … adjustable thru menu while on the posepad.

And for now time to go boldly where no woman has gone before …

Kisses Ivy

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