It takes courage …

Breast awareness

Some men love them big, some rather small… We use them to feed our children … We love to show off with the new bikini at the beach thanks to them. You can squeeze, bounce wiggle them … Ah yes our breasts ladies are a part of our pride as a woman and still they are also so vulnerable. Every year thousends of us get diagnosted with breast cancer. We probably all have had friends or family that suffered becausse of that illness… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the fight against cancer could be won even before the sickness ravishes lives of loved ones.

A few years already Serious 2nd life is doing an event to raise awareness and raise lindens for the cause (donations go to the KWF) One of the sponsors that offer items for that cause is .:LG:.  and you can buy those at club Bash and the Amsterdam sim.

For more info see the link below

kisses Ivy

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