The lost adventures of the airship pirates

Flight of the Strato-Mobilis

“Fires high and the airbags tight,
Foods low but the skies are bright
Props spinning all through the night,
We’re low on cash but we’ve seen another target

Goggles down, and the cannons up
My blood starts pumping as I drain my cup
I give the wheel a spin and I turn this girl around,
We’re way above ground but we’re closing on our target!

Flying Jib is filled with air
East India ships filled with despair,
We even up, her broadsides bare
Our cannons flair but it’s just a show of muscle

Steady on, she doesn’t need to burn
She tries to flee, and she tries to turn
Grappling fire, we grab her hull
We’re starting to roll, but we’ve got her on a leash!

With a crew of drunken pilots, we’re the only Airship Pirates!
We’re full of hot air and we’re starting to rise
We’re the terror of the skies, but a danger to ourselves” by Abney Park

Two wonderful steampunk items from the amazing “The Plastik” brand is what I brought to you matey’s … The crew of the airship placed me a new chair … The “Aero Fourti Chair:// Pilot” is one of the three versions that excist of this amazing chair with 21 poses!!!  adjustable thru menu in hight … You can get this goodie at the november round of “Rewind” with the 40’s Pinup theme ❤

And the second item is the one on my nose … yes those superb goggles!!! The “Stellis Goggles” come with one of the biggest huds I ever have seen for goggles on SL … First of all you get three versions of them and every version works with the texture hud (40 goggles textures and 35 lenses ) So you can make it fit your own outfit ❤ This item is an exclusive at the Remnant Dark days fair … take the airwave below 🙂

Strato close up

The rest of the outfit excist from these items …

  • Available at the main store and on marketplace
  • Foxes – Urban Fallout – Bikini and jacket (gacha items)
  • Yasum*MESH*Steampunk Hat*UNISEX*Mega Hud controled
  • [LeLutka & Celoe]-Alice Hair
  • Zaara [Goa party] : Baga nosering (gacha item)
  • Blueberry – Poppy Leggings – Black
  • **JPK Steampunk Winged Clock Necklace

Thank you all for following me on this steampunk adventure … till next time 🙂


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