Silent assault

Silent Killer II

Sometimes the urge to buy something gets to high laughs … so when I was walking at this months Uber I just had to buy this amazing outfit from Candydoll ❤ Their Anya Pants and Shirt are simply to adorable and bring me so many idea’s about how to use them… One of those was as a Ninja sometimes called the silent killers … The pose is by Reve Obscura called “Ninja” (of course … and obvious right) and come with a mesh kitana and shurikens.

TP to uber …

Sneak attack to Reve obscura…

as last I finished this outfit by adding the -KC- couture “Dania” ballet flats and made them white with the incredible texture hud included. You can find these on marketplace and the main store.

Till next time all

Kisses Ivy

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