Like a lady

Like a lady

One thing about the winter is that I hate the weather … But even thou I hate it it has some nice consequences too … people stay home more and do more to make it cozy at the house. They place their christmas tree, play board games together or watch a good movie. And those things I do love … such a moment I used in my blog today. A dreamy moment of cozyness in bed waiting for my beloved to join me…

Pose is from the talented Rood Adamczyk … Sam poses created this “Like a lady” as an exclusive for the  Hashtag event that opend November 15th. See link to get your copy …

And fresh from this round of “The Arcade” is this white lingerie “Alisa” from the gacha by Kitja. Be sure to go check out this and a lot of other amazing designers at the 3 monthly arcade…

Okay time to move to the seat … with hot chocolat and a blanket … I’m coming hunny (I’m sure he’ll get warm seeing this lol)

Kisses Ivy

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