Sweet pleasure

Sweet pleasure

Time to heat up the holidays and check the new XXX event. Reach out and grab your lovers hand and head on over to XXX Event, to shop for your steamy items. This round of XXX Event will only last until January 5th …

One of the items there at the XXX is this amazing “Debauchery Contemporary Swingers Bed v4.4 [trans]” You can also buy a copy version not trans. It has 100 texture choices in the built in texture changer that is easy to handle thru the menu you get once on the bed. It can be used single, as a couple (even two seperate couples) and more. It is also integrated with the “It’s not mine” system … So a lot of opportunities to have a wonderful time with your loved ones. Links underneath to the debauchery store and the XXX event…

Teleport to XXX Event

main store:


And as last another picture of the bed from an other angle

Sweet pleasure 2 bed

Till next blog y’all … hugs


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