Musical masterpieces …

Musical moments

Nothing better then listen to music … it always has relaxing, healing powers and just can make somebody feel good. One of the artists that inspire me with her work is Lindsay Stirling. Since her discovery on America got talent she showed people that playing a violin isn’t old fashioned and that even in these desperate times the sounds can bring joy in our hearts…


Today I used a lot of beautiful items in the background from Paper Moon … one of the cutest stores in second life bringing us gorgious fantasy items …  in this picture are the *pm* String of Holiday Cards: Photos above the piano, the *pm* Rustic Angelic Candles singles 03 left of it and the *pm* Holiday Berry Centerpieces : Mixed Warms right of it. You can find these at the Holiday Market that runs: Dec 17 – Jan 1st

also above the piano is another great piece of art from the talented [Plastik] brand called :[P]:- Leava Panel [Solid] … when you buy this at the current round of the TLC you get in your packedge two versions. Normal one is unlabeled, and then there’s a [SpecChange] one. Basically, this one will change the spec map to the color that matches the texture you pick on the customization HUD. So instead of the same golden/silverish spec on the normal one, if you picked the purple one, the shine would be purple too.
Its actually kinda neat! and you get twice the fun for the same price right 🙂

The Piano and lamp next to it are by DRD and come from the september shadow box … A monthly box you have to sign for like the luxe box and the decocrate… Really worth the price you pay and even if you forgot and have to buy the box afterwards it is still an amazing catch.

The pose I got from the marketplace and is called [evoLove] – The Violinist

and as last one of Lindsay her masterpieces here for you …

Kisses all and till next blog





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