Gateway to Eden (Promised land)

Gateway to eden

“Is there a secret way?
Is there a secret door?
Do I have to pray?
To reach the promised shore?

The key is in your eyes
And written on your heart
Where all the wisdom lies
Where all creations start

Bring me to the promised land
You know I need to understand
Why horizons are too far too touch

Please take me down to holy grounds
Where I can hear a million sounds
Why my longing always hurts so much” by In Strict Confidence

I’m so grateful to be a blogger and be able to bring some of the most beautiful creations into the Second Life world thru our pictures … Today is one of those magnificant creations by #Cranked# … No clothes but one of the most beautiful backdrops I have seen in a long time. Just in time for Valentine is their “#Cranked# Romantic Place Backdrop” at the main store. See the picture below to see it in its full glory!


My outfit today is from a gacha by Blueberry called “angelberry” and my hair is truth “Ice”. Pose is by verocity called “Isis 4”

Thank you all for watching and till next time

Kisses Ivy

Spring is coming

Spring is coming near

Ahhh this weekend we had the first nice days of the new year so I started to think about spring. I so wish for the winter to be over with lol … seeing the squirrels, birds and other forrest animals back in their green habitat. Guess I will have to be patient … But anyway in SL we already can have that ❤

So here we are again with an amazingly cute pose from Sam Poses! This one is an exclusive at the feb round of “The avenue” that starts feb 1st. You get a rezzable squirrel and once on it the menu pops and you can adjust the height …

See more amazing poses by the SamPoses brand here at the main store:

other credits:

+ Addams // Rita top with buttons black

+ Addams // Catalina Overall short white

+ Truth Hair Jill Black&whites04fade

+ -KC- couture Arizona Cowgirl ankle boots

Keep eachother warm during the coming cold days …

Kisses Ivy




Sometimes I attent fairs and forget that I bought some stuff … Things are just lingering in my inventory waiting to be opened … This time I found stuff back from a gacha by Dead Dollz called “Go Ask Alice” So I had a little fun and made this picture …


Me time …


Everyone has those moment that everything can be stolen … That the only thing that matters is you and only me myself and I … lol … So when I got home from work the only thing I could think off is getting out of my clothes and jumping in our pool relaxing. A good magazine and a glass of wine … perfect!

what also is perfect is this new [The Plastik] lingerie that will be today at the new “Blush Fair” There are 10 different texture packs at the fair of you can get the fat pack with an additional texture pack! Wearable on maitreya and hourglass mesh bodies.

Special Jet to the fair :

And for the people who want more of [The Plastik] amazing creations here is the hyperspace link to the main store:

Nah that’s it for today giggles …

Till next time y’all


Geheime Zeichen

Beautiful Freak

Years ago I was a goth chic and deeply into that kind of music … and one of the groups I loved a lot was “Tristesse de la lune” These two woman were the first female singers from Blütengel and started on their own. Their voices were so magical! So this is a look back into my history …

Wearing a new store release from “Facepalm” that made my gothic heart jump from joy. The 5 texture hud is a great way to change it to your own. The dress “Bev” can also be found in a spicy version more detailed and can be worn on the regular body and the maitreya, belleza, TMP, Slink and Tonic mesh bodies.

Also New are the amazing “Fabiana heels” by -KC- couture. You can find these amazing heels on marketplace and at the main store. As always they come with the impressive colour hud!

Background club is by /Anxiety/ called “Rotten”

Thanks for watching and enjoy the weekend …




“If there was a greater day to come,
call it judgement, call it fate.
Moments of facing what we’ve done.
our past can’t be undone.

in the light of our demise
when the final hour has come
when we hesitate to claim for all of us

This is who we are.
Forged by heaven and earth.
Made of blood and bone.

Our soul is divine.
This is what we long for.
This is what we dream.

We’ll never surrender.
And never give in.” by Angels & Agony

Wonderful exclusive pose called “Prrr” from Sam Poses at the februari round of “The avenue” that will start the 1st. It comes as rezzable cats and once seated on it the menu shows so you can edit it to your likings. Come see this pose and the other amazing goodies next month!!!

For more and previous poses come see the main store at:

Enjoy the amazing song and see you next time …

Kisses Ivy





“Straight from the streets came the beats … the music is floating loud thru the sky when our bodies spin on the mats … We’re the streetdance generation”

Wearing the new #Cranked# Unzipped Jeans and the #Cranked# Sportswear Top. Those are the new shop releases for maitreya, TMP, Belleza, Slink and the regular bodies. Both come also with a hud to change colour of every part of the outfit.

The sneakers are from KC couture called JAZZY TIPTOE SKATES for MAITREYA, BELLEZA, SLINK, EVE and  TMP

Pose is by Lil’bug. “Urban dancer” contains 5 single poses with menu to adjust. Just rezz the radio and get on 😉 You can get this amazing pose at the current round of the avenue for 35% cheaper …


Cranck that tune hun … time to move some more!

High 5


The first sun

The first sun

Nothing better then the feeling of the first sun of the new year … We had to wait long for it but that didn’t spoil the mood. And in the meanwhile we can blog some nice items …


Wish you all some sun and see you next blog …

Kisses Ivy

Through the Looking-Glass…

Follow the pink bunny

“And ever, as the story drained
The wells of fancy dry,
And faintly strove that weary one
To put the subject by,
“The rest next time–” “It is next time!”
The Happy voice cry.
Thus grew the tale of Wonderland”  by Lewis Carroll

Always loved the wonderful books of alice in wonderland … The crazy world where nothing is what it seems. Pure  fantasy in the best way possible! When I got this cute mirror for blogging I could see it as a portal into wonderland … Tick tack, tick tack no time to wait … follow the rabbit.

So I’m Showing off the amazing Rainala Mirror from [The Plastik] today that you can find at the current round of Shiny Shabby … this one is the open version. Every version (closed or open) has a few wood options so you can make it fit every room.

Rainala MAIN

Other Credits:

Follow the pink rabbit into wonderland and till  next time … kisses