Writers Block

Writers Block

The thing most writers are scared off the most … a writers block. Not knowing what they will write for next collum or book. Not finding a solution for the problem they left their hero in … Today we blog some of the items from the Paper Moon amazing gacha “Creator Burnout” This gacha is also at the Guardians gacha event I spoke of yesterday so here is the link again to their amazing sim and lineup of creators!


So what do we have … the gacha excist out of 10 common and 2 rare pieces and once played 25 times the gacha gives you the Gift of the guardian …

_pm_ Creative Burnout Gacha Key

I was using the “*pm* Creator Burnout – Overdrive Laptop” is one of the rares, “*pm* Creator Burnout – Overdrive Gacha Inspo Pile”, “*pm* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Cup (B*tches) – Gift of the guardian” <3, “*pm* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Creative Inspo Pile” and the “*pm* Creator Burnout – Overdrive Cup (F*ck This) also a RARE”

Not from the gacha but also in picture Tartessos Arts “Pizza set” (marketplace) and the little dog is from Jian “Pupper Parlor :: 12. Black Bow Wanderer Yorkie” from the gacha

Furniture is from the shadow box September 2017 from DRD

Thanks all and till next blog


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