Late at night … (Do you get) excited?

Late at night

“When the day gets dark
Over a thousand streets
And you feel your heart
Is a living beat

When you’re all alone
And you close your eyes
Naked to the bone
The dream comes alive

Do you get excited
When I touch you in the night?
My oh my…
Do you get excited
When I meet you every night?
You won’t let the night pass you by ” Song by Roxette

Wearing the new store release by Facepalm … “Ashling” comes as Bra, Panties and Robe with a sweet pastel 6 colour texture hud. You can mix it up the way you want and it is available for maitreya, TMP, belleza, slink and standard bodies. Follow the music to the main store …

The pose is from Reve Obscura called *!R.O!* Whiskey BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Bottle & Glass and can be found on marketplace or at the main store …

Hot kisses


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