“If there was a greater day to come,
call it judgement, call it fate.
Moments of facing what we’ve done.
our past can’t be undone.

in the light of our demise
when the final hour has come
when we hesitate to claim for all of us

This is who we are.
Forged by heaven and earth.
Made of blood and bone.

Our soul is divine.
This is what we long for.
This is what we dream.

We’ll never surrender.
And never give in.” by Angels & Agony

Wonderful exclusive pose called “Prrr” from Sam Poses at the februari round of “The avenue” that will start the 1st. It comes as rezzable cats and once seated on it the menu shows so you can edit it to your likings. Come see this pose and the other amazing goodies next month!!!

For more and previous poses come see the main store at:

Enjoy the amazing song and see you next time …

Kisses Ivy



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