Geheime Zeichen

Beautiful Freak

Years ago I was a goth chic and deeply into that kind of music … and one of the groups I loved a lot was “Tristesse de la lune” These two woman were the first female singers from Blütengel and started on their own. Their voices were so magical! So this is a look back into my history …

Wearing a new store release from “Facepalm” that made my gothic heart jump from joy. The 5 texture hud is a great way to change it to your own. The dress “Bev” can also be found in a spicy version more detailed and can be worn on the regular body and the maitreya, belleza, TMP, Slink and Tonic mesh bodies.

Also New are the amazing “Fabiana heels” by -KC- couture. You can find these amazing heels on marketplace and at the main store. As always they come with the impressive colour hud!

Background club is by /Anxiety/ called “Rotten”

Thanks for watching and enjoy the weekend …


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