Spring is coming

Spring is coming near

Ahhh this weekend we had the first nice days of the new year so I started to think about spring. I so wish for the winter to be over with lol … seeing the squirrels, birds and other forrest animals back in their green habitat. Guess I will have to be patient … But anyway in SL we already can have that ❤

So here we are again with an amazingly cute pose from Sam Poses! This one is an exclusive at the feb round of “The avenue” that starts feb 1st. You get a rezzable squirrel and once on it the menu pops and you can adjust the height …


See more amazing poses by the SamPoses brand here at the main store:


other credits:

+ Addams // Rita top with buttons black

+ Addams // Catalina Overall short white

+ Truth Hair Jill Black&whites04fade

+ -KC- couture Arizona Cowgirl ankle boots

Keep eachother warm during the coming cold days …

Kisses Ivy


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