Soooo … where is that darn beach?

So where is that darn beach ...

Tsss … I think my crew had a bit too much rhum last night … I only see rocks. Sighs a captain needs some fun too. Oh well I can still sunbath on the deck …

But march is almost upon us and a new month is a bunch of amazing new poses by SamPoses and the first one I blog from those is this funny … “Looking for summer” that will be an exclusive on the march round of “The avenue” The pose excist as a rezzable pad and once on it the beachball rezzes (and is still adjustable).

Main store from SamPoses for more goodies …

My outfit is from alchemy “captain’s wench and hat” and the hair lelutka “Sienna”

Aye aye matey … seems a beach is indeed on the horizon… ahoyyyy

Cpt. Black Skull Ivy

Flying Punch

Flying K.O. punch

7…8…9…10 Winner by knock out.

This sexy sport outfit is the new creation from “Seniha” at the Trés Chic event from this februari. You can wear “Sharona” on maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies … Normaly I always go for black or white clothes but this time I really adored this “Carmin” version and combined with the -kc- couture “Jacy” sneakers from last time they make a great set for every sport or gym session in SL … (Hehe less tired from those then in real) Below is the ticket for the place to “Trés Chic” … enjoy when checking out Seniha and all the other creators ❤

Till next time all …

kisses Ivy

What are we going to do with you guys?

What are we going to do with you guys ...

“I know you all look so sweet but this is a coffee & cake … If my customers will see you … ach who am I kidding you’re all to adorable  to get rid off … sighs”

And with that we can say Yaaaaaay another round of the arcade is upon us gacha horny people lol … And one of the amazing creators on the event is [The plastik] with an amazingly cute mice gacha … This “Sweet meese” has 21 common and two rare items to collect. See picture for the gacha key below …

Sweet Meese MAIN 1024 [Plastik]

Shuttle to the arcade :

Then another new creation are these gorgious boots “Karma” by EmilyC that you can find on marketplace and at the main store. Wearable on maitreya, belleza and slink feet.

And last but not least the dress I wear is one of the 4 VIP groupgifts from :Pacagaia: that you can find at the main store. Every month 4 new amazing items … that is really worth the step in price of the group.

Kisses Ivy



Nothing more healthy then doing some jogging when the first sun is out … and with this new outfit by #Cranked# I can do that all new ❤

And with spring lurking around the corner also the new events are upon us … and a brand new one is this ☆ New exclusive Event in Second Life ☆ the “PE – PreCAST Inc. Eventon” starting  March 1st till March 15th. And #Cranked# is bringing this very sexy sportsoutfit called “Rina” for the Belleza, maitreya and slink mesh bodies. The bra comes in 3 forms … the way I have it on and then one version with one breast out or another with two breasts out. Way to be a bit naughty right 😉 Link to the event starting march 1st underneath…

And also new is this mainstore release by -KC- couture … The “Jacy” sneakers are really amazing and the hud makes you able to change every part of the sneaker in the colour you like … easy to make it fit your outfit. Wearable on maitreya, belleza, Slink, Meshproject, EVE and Tonic… Also available thru marketplace ❤

Till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

Time to heal

Time to heal

Here you are darling … a little pill to make you feel better … That darn flue is terrible this year. Even my bestie has been brought down this week … so this is a little “get well soon” picture for her. Luv you … ❤


The new groupgift for the Truth VIP group is another piece of art … “Carla” comes as usual with the amazing colour huds from truth and a very nice stylist hud. I mentioned this group a few times already … it is a must have group 😉

The dress is from *VanillaBae* with the strip me hud. You can wear “Clara” (This is the Smokey version) also on private so that you can see if someone clicks it … So no danger to be naked when you don’t want it laughs.

And then last but not least are these amazing new “Ines heels” from -KC- couture… This brand keeps making gem after gem in the shoe business. Every time with an incredible hud for textures. This one can be found on marketplace and the main store.

The pose is from Reve Obscura … I love how they always come up with fun ideas and this bento pose is no exception … “Pills” comes with mesh pill bottle 😉

Hugs and till next time …


Slow Mornings …

Slow mornings ...

Ah yessss … those are my favorite mornings… Staying in bed as long as I want, waking up slowly and then snugging out of bed to my first warm cup of coffee. Stirring the spoon while watching the morning sun. Those are the moments I cherish and with azu at my side even more 😉

Wearing the new top “Cati” from EmilyC with a hud you can change the texture in every color you want … really amazingly sexy ❤ Available at the main store and on marketplace.

Also on marketplace I found another great bento pose “Morning” from “Reve Obscura” coming with a cup and a spoon. (also one of both transferable)

Waves enjoying her coffee … have a nice day/evening all

Kisses Ivy


Naughty Reflections


Oops seems this amazing mirror knows me better then I thought giggles … But then again it is the newest creation by [The Plastik] and in every packadge you got two of those gorgious looking mirrors … You can find these at the februari round of shiny shabby so hop on over and check out what packedge you want (or them all ;-)) As always if you buy the fatpack of these “Lacieana Mirrors” you get 3 extra bonus mirrors ❤ See below for the official ad and the landmark towards the Shiny Shabby …

Lacieana Mirrors Previewer

And what am I wearing today …

From the awesome EmilyC store I have these “Harness Legs” for the  Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. You can find the demo on marketplace … So try them out and get amazed 😉

And also I am wearing from Blueberry the “Tinker – Bottoms” and from .miss chelsea. the “Judi Top” (this was a groupgift).

Pose in the mirror is “Funny portait” by Lil’bug poses and the other is my own …

Big hugs and kisses



Enter The Matrix

Enter The Matrix

Can we do a throw back in time and still give a futuristic blog? Yes we can becausse with these amazing glasses by [The Plastik] I felt like being a part of the matrix … and next year the movie gets 20 years old … Can you imagine how time flies … So these glasses can be found at the new round of “Rewind” with as theme “A throwback event” and there are both male and female versions in the packadge … Enter the grid here for your own pair and no need to take a blue or red pill 😉 …

They are customizable and editable and have an amazing texture hud to make it fit your outfit. Nice deal right 😉 … and the offical add you can find below also for a more close up to the glasses  … Enjoy!

Morphe MAIN

My outfit is the new creation by [Have Unequal] These “Lyara Suit_black&green” and “Lyara Bionic Legs_black&green” can be bought at the current “Romp” Event …

Till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

Money money money …

Money money money ...

“Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world
Aha aha
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world
It’s a rich man’s world” by Abba in 1976

One of the bands that made timeless music … and every year more covers are made from their songs. So I stole their song laughs to make this blog fitting 😉

The scene by Sayo at the current “kustom 9” event called “SAYO Sin – Crimson Dreams Backdrop” created this warm background with floating money and I dressed up with the sweet .::Dead Dollz::. Portia Camisole – Dove that I bought on this weeks 50 linden fridays. The Pose is by Reve Obscura called “Hustle” This is a  bento pose inclusive mesh money and wine bottle.

Useful tp’s underneath:

Kustom 9 :

Dead Dollz :

Reve Obscura Poses :

So and now let us sing all together … money money money …

Kisses Ivy

Misty Rider

Misty trace

Nothing better then some speed and nature combined … the misty forest, the power of the motor beneath me … priceless.

All that to show this incredible outfit and motorcycle from “New Regime” The motorcycle and helmet are commons and the wetsuit is the Rare. This gacha is a part from the Pocketgacha Hud … If you’re not familiar with that name no worries laughs … but that is a hud that allows you to play some gacha at home … so no full sim to go too rofllll … every month a number of creators place their new gacha on it. You can get this hud on marketplace for free. Happy shopping!

My shoes are from -KC- couture called “ALEXIA” these sneaker boots are fitting the   MAITREYA, BELLEZA, SLINK and TMP feet. You can find these on marketplace or the main store.

Drive on … you all and enjoy the weekend!