In space … no one hear you moan …

In space ... No one hear your moans ...

Coming soon is the new Hashtag event (starts the 15th) and one of the creators is the amazing Lil’bug Poses… and this time they have a nice 3 part pose called “My new lover” that comes as a rezzable pad and once on it the skeleton rezzes … adjustable thru the menu. Name of the poses are Sleep, Dance and that’s my ass … (the one I’m doing in this picture lol)

Escape pod to the event starting feb 15th:

Wearing today are:

  • * Vanilla Bae * Vixen Outfit Maitreya Black Pack (from the Fetish Fair 2018)
  • +elua+ Skye_Red pack
  • [SWaGGa] Half-Dead Headgear (from marketplace)
  • <Nerox> Tools arm (from marketplace)
  • <Nerox> Drone follower (from marketplace)

Hope the escape pod can save me from this handy guy behind me … Big hugs and till next time


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