Spell of love …

Spell of love ...

“Time for a spell … A circle of goofer dust to jinx the bad people, a circle of graveyard dirt to show the attraction, a circle of crossroads dirt to nullify the cursed objects and a circle of red brick dust to protect our love and the house we live in … lighted by candles waven with unspoken incantations … Love there is … Love there will be always!”

And that brings us to the amazing new creations of Paper Moon … yes 3 different kinds of dust and dirt … every set has a pot, a pile and a circle of what you bought. And yes I can hear you say there are 4 circles? Indeed but “The Crossroads Dirt” is the prize offering for the event. The rest will be available for sale! What event ? Oh let that be the one and only new Madpea “Nightmare In New Orleans” and once you finished there are prizes waiting for you and Paper Moon is one of the amazing creators that worked with Madpea to create another epic inworld Game and story… Ive done a few of their games already and every time it is a lot of fun and suspence! Be aware not for fainted hearted giggles!!! To have a go at the game …


In the picture you can see the 4 circles and 2 of the pots and 1 pile (red brick)…

Another new creation is this amazing “Facepalm” store release “Undercover Sunday Hearts” with a 3 part texture hud available for standard, maitreya, belleza, slink and TMP bodies. Fitmesh tank and panties … cute for the comming Valentine 😉 Shuttle directly into the main store with the link below …


Pose is by elephant poses called “The witch In the Dark” and the hair is by truth called “Ice” reds

Hope you enjoyed and till next time … wiggles her nose and does a magic vanishing spell …



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