Enter The Matrix

Enter The Matrix

Can we do a throw back in time and still give a futuristic blog? Yes we can becausse with these amazing glasses by [The Plastik] I felt like being a part of the matrix … and next year the movie gets 20 years old … Can you imagine how time flies … So these glasses can be found at the new round of “Rewind” with as theme “A throwback event” and there are both male and female versions in the packadge … Enter the grid here for your own pair and no need to take a blue or red pill 😉 …


They are customizable and editable and have an amazing texture hud to make it fit your outfit. Nice deal right 😉 … and the offical add you can find below also for a more close up to the glasses  … Enjoy!

Morphe MAIN

My outfit is the new creation by [Have Unequal] These “Lyara Suit_black&green” and “Lyara Bionic Legs_black&green” can be bought at the current “Romp” Event …


Till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

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