Soooo … where is that darn beach?

So where is that darn beach ...

Tsss … I think my crew had a bit too much rhum last night … I only see rocks. Sighs a captain needs some fun too. Oh well I can still sunbath on the deck …

But march is almost upon us and a new month is a bunch of amazing new poses by SamPoses and the first one I blog from those is this funny … “Looking for summer” that will be an exclusive on the march round of “The avenue” The pose excist as a rezzable pad and once on it the beachball rezzes (and is still adjustable).

Main store from SamPoses for more goodies …

My outfit is from alchemy “captain’s wench and hat” and the hair lelutka “Sienna”

Aye aye matey … seems a beach is indeed on the horizon… ahoyyyy

Cpt. Black Skull Ivy

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