No no … not all rabbits are nice

Not all rabbits are nice 2

It’s almost easter weekend so I want to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and Happy easter!!! Enjoy your family and make some fun … not the kind of fun this little rabbit is going for laughs … so keep it safe ❤

And indeed I’m not the only bad rabbit … thinking back at the killer rabbit from monthy python brrr … that was one little badass rabbit lol.

Be sure to check out this amazing background by #Cranked# again … The Easter backdrop is a store release  and can be found when following the rabbithole below …

And if you are a member of the “Reign” group inworld be sure to check out the latest groupgift!!! These amazing bunny sneakers “Lola” really made my day 😉

See you all after the holidays!!!

Be safe and good

Kisses Ivy

Peace and love

Peace and Love

“Don’t we all need a little peace and love?” So I made this blog a little retro styled remembering the flower power era in history.

Used in this picture is the new dress by LsR moda called “Susana” This mini dress can be worn on the  Slink [all], Maitreya , Belleza[all], Tonic [all] and eBODY curvy mesh bodies and has a hud with 30 Textures

Store in World:

Also new and a creation for aprils “Decocrate” are these gorgious umbrella lamps and gems hanging around me. The April showers set is by the talented [The Plastik] brand and has so many options in gems and lamps I had to choose almost an hour … they all look so cute ❤ So be sure to sign in for the next decocrate!!! For other amazing [The Plastik] creations take the link below to their main store 😉

The backdrop is by Minimal from their “Retro Backdrops” gacha still available at the main store. And pose is “Shout out to my ex” by Réve Obscura …

See you all next time,

Kisses Ivy

A hero is born

A hero is born

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Touched by a gamma explosion or treated with some super serum. So many options were used in the comics … and as a big reader of them I created a blog where some electrical malfuntion at the windtunnel made me the hero 😉

The backdrop “Windtunnel” is another awesome creation by #Cranked# at the Suicide Dollz event this month! inclusive the floating sheets of paper. Be sure to check all of the backdrops at the event here…

Now it is time to use my electro power for a good cause … and warm my pizza giggles

Till next blog

Kisses Ivy

The game of seduction

The game of seduction

Straight from the “Suicide DollZ Event ” comes this inviting backdrop with neon sign “Just fuck” Easy to use witch I did together with my wonderful bestie … thank you sweety.And she looks yummie right … could be an nice invitation 😉 ❤ Go see this and the other backdrops !!!

Suicide Dollz is smokin’ hot! It’s time to brave the heat cause you are going to love all of the sexy creations this round! Hurry though, you only have until April 6th!

Link to the event:

Kisses Ivy

Red Flames

Red Flames

The world cup soccer in Russia is coming closer and a lot of teams are preparing and sparring with other teams. And those events always draw a lot of press attention … Being from belgium where the red devils are almost holy to some of the soccer fans I find it sad that the female players don’t get the same attention as their male counterparts… Even thou they perform also wonderfully. So this is my ode to them … In a world were paparazzi rule even the girls can’t train unnoticed right ❤

Wearing the [ LsR ] – Sexy Thamara Sport Outfit from LsR Moda. The set excist  out a top , shorts and sneakers with Socks for the Slink, HourGlass, Physique , Maitreya , Belleza,Venus, Isis, Freya and Venus mesh bodies . Every part has a  Hud with 30 Textures and also a hide socks option

Store in World:

So and to end with a bang … Long live the red flames!

Till next time …

Kisses Ivy

The good life

The Good Life

Hmmm yes this is really the good life right … just relaxing at the pool ❤ This cute “Luxury swimsuit ” and the amazing pool backdrop are both from the amazing #Cranked# creators and ready to be placed and obtained at the new PreCast event that starts april 1 (no it’s not an april joke lol) The swimsuit comes with a nice colour hud …

With those you are ready for the sunny spring days ahead 😉

Pose is by Le Poppycock called *Stay Cool* paradise found (gacha product) and still available at the main store

Time for another tequila sunrise … bye all


A portal from hell

Hells portal

From the darkest holes of hell she came thru the portal to raise her kingdom on our earth … beware the dragoness! And with her she brings us amazing creations by [The Plastik] …

First is the gorgious skin that you can find at the current round of “The Liaison collaborative” You can choose from 3 different versions BerryLite, Jadeite and Mirranik… I’m wearing the Jadeite version of the skin. Also male versions are available. They come with appliers for every omega applier using mesh bodies and heads. A real must have !!!

and secondly the new Lootbox fair opened last week with a lot of goodies! [The Plastik] is also on that one with a very beautiful gacha “Dragoness” I’m wearing the ankle and arm cuffs, the wings, tail and horns from it… Combined with nerido their Limbo outfit (both lootboxes) they make a great outfit!

The background is by /anxiety/ (alien portal) and the pose is by “Réve Obscura” called “attack” (comes with bats)

Time to release hell on earth so till next time all…


Bang !


“Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses
And all the king’s men
Poor Humpty Dumpty
Got shot  again… ”

Coming with a big bang is my newest sponsor [LsR Moda] bringing me a lot of new fashion items … and if one thing is certain I love dressing up ❤ They have an amazing style witch I’ll show in this and the next posts I will make for them. With this I’ll thank them for the chance to show of their creations!

So what do I bring today … I’ll start with this cute “[ LsR ] – Sexy Naire Camo Outfit” containing the sweater,boots and shorts wearable on the Slink [all] , Maitreya , Belleza and [all] Tonic. The outfit comes with  a hud with 25 Textures. You can find this set here …

On Marketplace :

Store in World :

Reloads and prepares next blog sitting on the wall … Till next time all

Kisses Ivy

Moments In love


A quick flashback to the 80’s and to Art of Noise … I loved instrumental music and they were just amazing. One of their songs was “Moments in Love” in 1985 witch was a 10 minute masterpiece that made me dream away. So time to enjoy some sun in SL with the song in the background …



The “Moments” pose is an exclusive for The Darkness Event (march 2018) by the amazing SamPoses branch.

Enjoy those moments in love … ❤

Till next blog


Donnie Darko

Not all bunnies are sweet

17 years ago … one disturbed movie came out … Donnie Darko. The dark story of the movie and the idea of timetravel made it for me an instant classic. I’ve seen it a lot of times by now and with this incredible bunnysuit by Facepalm I relived that movie … so why not put that in a blog 😉

This suit “Bun Bun” is a new store release and comes with a nice hud with 8 textures … The pose I’ve got from marketplace called *FP* Murderer pose

Vortex to the main store of facepalm :

Till next time … and for the ones interested the trailer is below 😉

Kisses Ivy