Ginger Girl

Ginger girl

“Oh my Ginger girl
You don’t know what I feel
I’m in love with you
Baby you are under my skin

You took away my soul baby come on
I know you’re angry with me
Yes I’m guilty yes I know
I hate myself for everything what I’ve done

I’m addicted to addicted to you
You’re like a hard drug inside
Shred up my heart blow up my mind
You’re my ecstasy you are my mad life” by Ginger Snap5

Oh yes I’m a ginger girl for sure… And I love it. Even thou black hair also fits my look mostly I mostly will go back to red hair. So combining the song with my picture and it is time to blog a new release by “Facepalm”. This sexy dress called “Isaure” has two options being the Sheer and the Covered option (on picture) and it can be found at the main store. You can wear this gem on almost every mesh body. Comes with a 6 part texture hud ❤

Backdrop is by anxiety “generation skybox”

Pose by Rack Poses “I’m waiting”

Boots by -KC- couture “Zephora”

Hair by Tableau Vivant “May – redheads”

Till next blog all …

Kisses Ivy


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