Hot lips

Hot Lips

“Hot lips
I do like you
Yes every word is true
I really like you
You make me feel so cool
I wanna be you
To see what you is like
To feel how it feels
To be kissed by love

And I tell them all about you
And I take you out to shake it tonight
I’m the best thing that could come with a girl
‘Cause I’ll shine on you” by Pacific!

Can it be better then this … kissing lips all over ❤ An ode to love …

Wearing the “[ LsR ] – Sexy Heather Outfit I Love it” from LsR moda coming with the mini dress and the boots (Platforms High Heels) for Maitreya , Belleza and  Slink mesh bodies. Both have a seperate texture hud with  30 textures !!!

Marketplace store:

Store in World:

Kisses and till next blog


Sunny Lifebringer

Sunny lifebringer

Wearing the amazing “Chronos [xx]+FGInc.+ Trascendence Starborn” from the Fallen Gods inc at the Fantasy Faire … the sim sponsored by them is a must see … simply gorgious!

The beautiful outfit is the new store release from Facepalm called “Liliana” and comes with a 6 part texture hud. Sexy and cute … so fitting for this sunny goddess ❤

Facepalm mainstore:

Hair is a Vip groupgift by Truth … called “Zoya” I used that one becausse somehow it always makes me think about the old roman/greek timeperiode. Like an empress …

The pose I found on marketplace and is called “Astalianda – Sun Sparkle”

Till next time …

Kisses Ivy

Spell of Fire

Spell of fire

Oh what joyful news today … the Fantasy Faire will be here for a week longer then planned thanks to the lindens. So more time for everyone to come check the place out … 15 Sims full of amazing worlds and creations … from tiny to bigger places crowded with beautiful avatars (Feels like a convention of fantasy people) … So anyway the Faire remains open till the 5th !!!

And while having fun I took the liberty to blog another two items from that Faire… First is this gorgious “*AF* Memorial Monument & Bench” from Artisan Fantasy.

Main store from AF:

and then I found this amazing skin by A&A called Drow Moonlight available for all omega applier using mesh bodies. For other creations see their stall on the Faire or at their mainstore …

the outfit is from an earlier gacha by zenith called “wood elf ranger” and the pose is from Réve Obscura called “Dark Magic”

Till next blog all …

Kisses Ivy


Death comes from above …

Death comes from above

Time for another outfit from the Fantasy Faire … this time I looked at the creation of “Roped Passion” The outfit is called “Phoenix Rising” and is their Relay For Life item … comes with dress, Bento wings, feather headdress and necklace (necklace is not in picture) The dress is available for the maitreya, belleza, slink mesh bodies and regular body.

The necklace I wear is the “Bliensen + MaiTai – Aziza – necklace – gold” also an item on this Faire. The skin from Sinful Needs I have blogged before but in another colour … That is the “SN Skin – Reverie F Ruby” fitting this look amazingly. See links below for the mainstore of the creators.

Roped Passion:

Bliensen + MaiTai:

Sinful Needs:

Time for a fiercly attack from the sky right 😉

Kisses Ivy


Books … where fantasy is born

Books ... where fantasy is born ...

In the meanwhile the fantasy fair is halfway so if you haven’t visited it yet be sure to check it out before it ends.

Today I took the liberty to blog three stores at once …

One is the incredible dress from “Dreaming Thicket” a brand I love and was already blogger from. The “Verbena” gown also contains the hair with colour hud … it really gave me a gypsy feel … Those from all the amazing colours at the fair 😉

I combined the dress with two items with books as guidance  … first we have the “Icaland – Book candleholder” behind me … the warm texture fitted my dress perfectly and added the light I needed extra ❤ And then we have the cute scene in front of me with fearies. “Beyond Majestic” brought this scene to the faire easy to set up and darn I love the fearies giggles … “BM Shh…. storytime: Elayne and friends” is their Relay For Life item … so when you buy it you also sponsor the good cause 😉

Main stores of the creators:


Till next time all … and keep the dreams alive!!!


Unite Us


“Unite us” a message that would be so great in this hard world  … And still if you see that so much people can live together in online platforms like Second Life, World of warcraft and others … I wonder sometimes why can’t we do that in real … just be one … and be humans no matter what differences we have.

So today my message of hope in a blog with an amazing dress by “Les Encantades” and also the wings are from the same store. The “*LE* Petal Tangerine” and “*LE* Natural Wings Earth” are both items you can find at their stall on the Fantasy Faire 2018. Another reason to go check it out and unite with other likeminded fantasy lovers… And be sure to check out the mainstore for other fantastic creations!

Pose is “unity” by Le Poppycock (Bird and cricket included)

Kisses and till tomorrow for some other Fantasy Faire creations and brands…



Tribal Queen

African Queen

And back to a blog for the Fantasy Faire … this time the incredible skin “[NM] – Mortal – Enchant – Female – ” for almost all the mesh bodies and heads you can think of (I’m using it on my Laq Neve head and my belleza mesh body) They all have a seperate applier so easy to use. Be sure to check out also the other creations from  [NEPHILIM] at the Faire and at their main store …

The picture is taken at the very beautiful “Devin” place in Second Life. The outfit is from an old gacha by “Alchemy.” called The shaman.

Hope you enjoyed the little african expedition … see you next time

Kisses Ivy

Lara and the shield of destiny

Lara and the shield of destiny

Featering the newest backdrop from the #Cranked# movie studios… The “#Cranked# Backdrop of the Temple” is easy to set up and looks even more amazing… You can find this in the main  store.

Also used in this movieshot is “=Kio= Aztec Shield – Gold”, the “Blueberry – Ela – Shorts – Cutiebootie – Maitreya”, the “=Zenith=Wood Elf Ranger Leather Gloves (Black)-Maitreya”, the “!gO! Tank Top”, the “.: ROHINI :. 1NNOVAT1ON Boots BOX” and the “!!!”””::: Brutal Weapons :::””” [ Desert Eagles ] (ver 1.1)”

I always loved the Tomb Raider games and merchandise so this is an ode to Lara Croft ❤

Kisses and till next blog


Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Another amazing creation from “Jinx” is this “Jinx : Tiger add-on mod for the light horses” You need a “water horse” to make the add-on work. It comes with a hud to change the texture of the tiger and the eyes. You can find this add-on at the Fantasy Faire 2018… Be sure to also check the bear add-on (that one is so good also)

Also from the Fantasy Faire is this amazing skin “SN Skin – Reverie F Beryl” from Sinful Needs You can find a lot of amazing colours of this skin and they all work with the omega applier. Go seek them out at the Faire and enjoy the other creations …

As outfit I used a gacha item from “Alchemy” … I used the “Winter Queen” Cloak & Shoulders – Forest, Head Piece – Forest and Top & Bottom – Forest. The staff is by [The Plastik] called the “The Boaz Staff & Scepter”

Main stores:

And as last the song that inspired me for this blog

Kisses Ivy

In the west

In the west

One of the best things for me in Second Life is my horse from “~*Water Horse*~ Avatars” and when walking around the Fantasy Faire I came across the stall from “Jinx” one of the stores that makes amazing creations for the horses as add-ons (so you can change your horse into a tiger, bear or rhino) and this time I found a wagon made by them. I so love westerns so for me that was a big invitation to do another western styled blog lol.

You need a water horse to make it work … but trust me even thou they are rather expensive they are a wonderful sell. This “Jinx & Mythril : Conestoga Western Wagon for the WHRH” can be used on the Belgian and the Clydesdale horses and has a lot of extras. Be sure to also check out the other items at the Jinx stall on the Fantasy faire … or at their main store.

Main store:

Yihaa … time to ride 😉

Kisses Ivy