Fallen Angel

Fallen angel

“Before the throne of Darkest Hell,
Even an angel will loose her faith,
Becausse there isn’t one spell,
That can set all that evildoing straight.”

Wearing the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Lua JumpSuit★★ This new Jumpsuit can be worn on Slink, HourGlass, Physique , Maitreya , Belleza , Isis, Freya , Tonic, Fine and Curvy mesh bodies. It contains a hud with 30 Textures. The heels are only for Maitreya , Belleza and Slink also with a 30 Textures hud. See links below for your copy ❤


Store in World:


The pose is an exclusive for the april round of the pose fair starting today April 1st (no joke lol) This amazing “Fallen angel” is by SamPoses and you need to rezz the posepad… The wings rezz once you get on the pose and are adjustable …


Kisses and another month started 😉


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