Worship the god of sun

Worshipping Helios

Helios …

He is the son of the Titan Hyperion and the Titaness Theia , also known as Euryphasea  (in Homeric hymn 31) and brother of the goddesses Selene (the godess of the moon) and Eos , the dawn.

Helios was described as a handsome young man crowned with the shining aureole of the Sun, who drove the chariot of the sun drawn by steeds across the sky each day to earth-circling oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night.

Time for a new round of “We Love Roleplay” witch I always adore becausse fantasy is one of my main reasons to be on SL … but sadly enough I still notice that the greek and roman time periode isn’t quiet a lot to find for until now … Look at the wonderful dress I’ve found there from the talented “Dreaming Thicket” You get to choose from different colours and all of them are as equaly beautiful. The “Amaranth gown” can be worn on belleza, maitreya, Ebody, slink, tonic, ocacin, TMP (mesh bodies) and the regular body. Go check it out at We Love Roleplay


The sandals I combined the gown with are from -KC- couture called “Flavia Sandals”

Till next time …

Kisses Ivy

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