Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Another amazing creation from “Jinx” is this “Jinx : Tiger add-on mod for the light horses” You need a “water horse” to make the add-on work. It comes with a hud to change the texture of the tiger and the eyes. You can find this add-on at the Fantasy Faire 2018… Be sure to also check the bear add-on (that one is so good also)

Also from the Fantasy Faire is this amazing skin “SN Skin – Reverie F Beryl” from Sinful Needs You can find a lot of amazing colours of this skin and they all work with the omega applier. Go seek them out at the Faire and enjoy the other creations …

As outfit I used a gacha item from “Alchemy” … I used the “Winter Queen” Cloak & Shoulders – Forest, Head Piece – Forest and Top & Bottom – Forest. The staff is by [The Plastik] called the “The Boaz Staff & Scepter”

Main stores:

And as last the song that inspired me for this blog

Kisses Ivy

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