Lara and the shield of destiny

Lara and the shield of destiny

Featering the newest backdrop from the #Cranked# movie studios… The “#Cranked# Backdrop of the Temple” is easy to set up and looks even more amazing… You can find this in the main  store.

Also used in this movieshot is “=Kio= Aztec Shield – Gold”, the “Blueberry – Ela – Shorts – Cutiebootie – Maitreya”, the “=Zenith=Wood Elf Ranger Leather Gloves (Black)-Maitreya”, the “!gO! Tank Top”, the “.: ROHINI :. 1NNOVAT1ON Boots BOX” and the “!!!”””::: Brutal Weapons :::””” [ Desert Eagles ] (ver 1.1)”

I always loved the Tomb Raider games and merchandise so this is an ode to Lara Croft ❤

Kisses and till next blog


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