Unite Us


“Unite us” a message that would be so great in this hard world  … And still if you see that so much people can live together in online platforms like Second Life, World of warcraft and others … I wonder sometimes why can’t we do that in real … just be one … and be humans no matter what differences we have.

So today my message of hope in a blog with an amazing dress by “Les Encantades” and also the wings are from the same store. The “*LE* Petal Tangerine” and “*LE* Natural Wings Earth” are both items you can find at their stall on the Fantasy Faire 2018. Another reason to go check it out and unite with other likeminded fantasy lovers… And be sure to check out the mainstore for other fantastic creations!


Pose is “unity” by Le Poppycock (Bird and cricket included)

Kisses and till tomorrow for some other Fantasy Faire creations and brands…



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