Books … where fantasy is born

Books ... where fantasy is born ...

In the meanwhile the fantasy fair is halfway so if you haven’t visited it yet be sure to check it out before it ends.

Today I took the liberty to blog three stores at once …

One is the incredible dress from “Dreaming Thicket” a brand I love and was already blogger from. The “Verbena” gown also contains the hair with colour hud … it really gave me a gypsy feel … Those from all the amazing colours at the fair 😉

I combined the dress with two items with books as guidance  … first we have the “Icaland – Book candleholder” behind me … the warm texture fitted my dress perfectly and added the light I needed extra ❤ And then we have the cute scene in front of me with fearies. “Beyond Majestic” brought this scene to the faire easy to set up and darn I love the fearies giggles … “BM Shh…. storytime: Elayne and friends” is their Relay For Life item … so when you buy it you also sponsor the good cause 😉

Main stores of the creators:


Till next time all … and keep the dreams alive!!!


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