Silk Road

Silk Road

When I first started to love music in all it forms I stumbled on a japanese new age composer called Kitaro … and the first CD I ever bought from him was Silk Road from 1980. The music made me dream away every time I needed some peace in my life … And still when I’m restless his music can bring me back in a state of inner peace. So when I wanted to blog this amazing japanese hairstyle called “Sakkou” from Kisetsu … comes with 2 huds one for the haircolour and one for the accesory inside the amazing hair.

Be sure to check out this incredible store …

Kisetsu is part of the Multitudes brands bringing the best for fantasy and oriental items ❤

See you all next month for next blogs …

Kisses Ivy

Just One Smoke

Just a smoke

The end of a perfect evening at a club … enjoying the smoke before grabbing a cab home 😉 Feeling all sexy with the [ LsR ] – Sexy Dunia Dress for the Maitreya, Belleza [ Freya ] and Slink [ all ] mesh bodies with a nice 30 part  texture hud for bow and dress … available at marketplace here

Or at the store inworld here

Till next time everyone ❤


El baño

El Baño

“Vamonos pal’ baño, que nadie nos está viendo
Si no me conoces, nos vamos conociendo
Sé que suena loco, pero me gustas tanto
Estar un día más así yo no lo aguanto
Vamono’ a la luna vamonos pal’ cine
Vamo’ a darno’ un beso, que nunca se termine
Si quieres algo serio, hay que ver mañana
Si somos novios o somos panas”
Translated from the song El Baño
“Let’s go to the bathroom, where nobody is watching us
If you do not know me, we’ll get to know each other
I know it sounds crazy, but I like it so much
To be one more day so I can not stand it
Let’s go ‘to the moon, let’s go to the ‘movies
Let’s give each other a kiss that never ends
If you want something serious, you have to see tomorrow
If we are a couple or just homies”

Enrique Iglesias – El baño

Oh I so love enrique his music … his voice can make me melt and feel so sexy. The same feeling I had with this nice cocktail dress by Facepalm … This version from “Caterina” is named Cool and is an exclusive for the pre-cast event that starts June 1st. There is also an other version of this dress at the main store.

Main store Facepalm:

Also new are these amazing “Bess Heels” by -KC- couture with the amzing texture hud we are used by them. Wearable on Maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh feet. Available on marketplace here …

Pose is the extra pose from Foxcity in the “Night Owl” Bento set and comes with the props

So now waiting for my Enrique … giggles


Mice at the poolparty

Pool mice

Summerdays are fun when having a poolparty … but when no one shows up … the fun is gon. Unless … the party get crushed by a bunch of mice ❤

Coming soon at the arcade are these amazing “Summer meese” from [The Plastik]. The gacha exists out of 22 items … a few holdables and the rest are decor. And aren’t they cute ❤ Showing in this picture are Lifeguard, Venus (one of the rares), Icecream, Siesta and Suntan …

The arcade is a recuring event every 1st of June, September, December and march. More then 100 different creators bringing you the best gacha’s from the grid. So be sure to head over on June 1st !!!

For other amazing creations by [The plastik] see their main store here:

And for now … crank up that tuneeee … it’s partytimeeeee!!!

kisses Ivy


Skate into legends

Skate into legend

Awesome new outfit by Tentacio called *Tentacio* Aitana at skatepark. This is a new gacha at latest round of the gacha garden faire. Follow the link to try yourself … and be sure to pick up the gifts …

Also new are these amazing -KC-couture “Adriana High sneakers” for the maitreya, slink, belleza and tonic mesh feet. These can be found on marketplace …

Okay time to skate myself thru history … right into the legends 😉

Kisses Ivy

Back to basics

Back to basics

I always wonder how the world would be after a third world war … how humanity if there is any left would try to build things back up. To create a new society … maybe finaly be one with nature again. That is why outfits like this one from “Tentacio” make me dream even more …

This is their amazing Tentacio &.{PSYCHO:Byts}. “Hopeless future” gacha that you can still find at the main store. For maitreya body users … Follow the path below to the store and check out the other amazing gacha’s …

Kisses and till next time



Money money money

Diamond are a girls best friend … but hey I can live with a bathroom full of gold and money too rofllll …

This incredible backdrop is again one from #Cranked#  and can be found at the “Suicide dollz” may round. Be sure to go check it out together with the other amazing creations …

The pose is one from Réve Obscura called “Baddie” witch I found on marketplace also available at their main store.

The outfit is from a gacha by Tentacio called “Glamour” The gacha is still at their main store 😉 I love their work a lot and used some of their creations in previous blogs so be sure to walk around and see for yourself … ❤

This bathroom made me think back at that iconic Bond movie with sean connery “Goldfinger” I’m sure the vilain would have loved this one … giggles

Till next blog all … kisses Ivy

It only stings a bit

It only stings a little

It’s always fun to see what this .Suicide DollZ. brings every month to fill the darker side of your SL … This time my eye fell on this incredible background from #Cranked# called “Don’t touch” The scene breaths stories when you just lay one eye on it right … The scene is about 34 prims to rezz … Get you’re own version at the place below ❤

Also new are the -kc- couture heels “Zaira” for the maitreya, slink, belezza and tonic mesh feet. They come with the impressive 50 texture hud with even option to change only parts of the shoes. Available at marketplace here …

The pose is by Réve Obscura called “nurse” and can be found at their main store or on marketplace.

Okay and now it is time for your medicine … bend over … it only stings a little bit … grins



Maiden of war

Maiden of war

After suffering a lot of loss during the past years… the forest created her own heroin. Aranna the maiden of war has returned to bring war on the citizens poluting her forest and killing the life she loves. Her tree warriors storm over the borders to take back what nature has lost.

Wearing the :[P]:- Kratus Horns:// Swept from [The Plastik]. They come with a hud to change color of the horn and metal. You can find these beauty’s at the may round of  Whimsical

Also from [The Plastik] is the Atharia skin “Beryllite” (other versions of this skin are also available) This gorgious skin is an amazing work of art and can be used on all mesh bodies and heads with the omega applier.

💗 MainstorePlastik💗

Also new is the [ LsR ] – Sexy Annary Maxi Dress for  Maitreya, Belleza [ all ], Slink [ all ] and eBODY [ Curvy ] As usual this cute medieval looking dress comes with a hud giving you  30 textures options …

💗Store in World💗:

Official vendor from the horns with a better look underneath:

Kratus Horns MAIN

Till next blog all … kisses Ivy

Playful moments

Playful moments

Nothing better then a relaxed day on the beach and this time I took Princess with me … She is so adorable isn’t she … and always hungry lol wonders where she puts all that food. Showing of the amazing pose by Samposes called “Bebel” that is the new exclusive pose for the may round of the Avenue. Get your own at the avenue here:

also in picture *[Black Bantam] Cutie Yorkie Pose 3 Color 1 (gacha item) and wearing the new Pocket gacha creation by Seniha the “Doris Bikini #5”

Till next blog all

Kisses Ivy