El baño

El Baño

“Vamonos pal’ baño, que nadie nos está viendo
Si no me conoces, nos vamos conociendo
Sé que suena loco, pero me gustas tanto
Estar un día más así yo no lo aguanto
Vamono’ a la luna vamonos pal’ cine
Vamo’ a darno’ un beso, que nunca se termine
Si quieres algo serio, hay que ver mañana
Si somos novios o somos panas”
Translated from the song El Baño
“Let’s go to the bathroom, where nobody is watching us
If you do not know me, we’ll get to know each other
I know it sounds crazy, but I like it so much
To be one more day so I can not stand it
Let’s go ‘to the moon, let’s go to the ‘movies
Let’s give each other a kiss that never ends
If you want something serious, you have to see tomorrow
If we are a couple or just homies”

Enrique Iglesias – El baño

Oh I so love enrique his music … his voice can make me melt and feel so sexy. The same feeling I had with this nice cocktail dress by Facepalm … This version from “Caterina” is named Cool and is an exclusive for the pre-cast event that starts June 1st. There is also an other version of this dress at the main store.


Main store Facepalm:


Also new are these amazing “Bess Heels” by -KC- couture with the amzing texture hud we are used by them. Wearable on Maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh feet. Available on marketplace here …


Pose is the extra pose from Foxcity in the “Night Owl” Bento set and comes with the props

So now waiting for my Enrique … giggles


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