My protector

My Protector

“I didn’t see
Who protects me
But I’m all that I could be
Time rushes by
More than we like
But I’ve all the love I need

You’re my proctector, my home
I’m nothing without you
You’re my deflector, I know
That nothing can get through
You feel the feelings for me
So I don’t have to face the things I do.”

by Mesh in 2016

Would there be a better protector then this amazing tiger next to me 😉 He always reminds me at myself ready to stand ground to protect my friends … so this song by mesh was my inspiration for this blog. Enjoy the song and if ever you have the chance … see them live!!!

It’s a new wonderful month with the best fairs running already … one of those fairs is the Liaison Collaborative that started June 3rd and has some of the best creators like [The Plastik] … This month they made the “Thelesa Planters” You have a dark or light option of this planter with candles. Follow the candle light to the event …

And next up we have these gorgious new -KC- couture heels “Cherie” for the belleza, maitreya and slink mesh feet. As usual with the immense big texture hud … You can find these at marketplace here:

Also in this picture … SAYO SCENES – Zen Garden Backdrop – RARE, Birdy – Sahara – Tiger – Static Lay Right (from the latest Arcade gacha), Luas Kohana Kimono RARE and Mina hair Sandra.

Till next time all …

Kisses from me and licks from my protector 😉


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